Caterpillars, techniques and organic treatments to avoid them

Caterpillars are butterfly larvae that come in many different shapes, colors and sizes, but the damage they do is always the same.

They ingest plant leaves and pine needles as they feed, and thereby wreck often irreparable damage in the garden and in the vegetable patch.

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What are the effective treatments against caterpillars?

Many chemical synthetic products have been developed that are quite effective in destroying the pests.

But, alas, the products themselves are often toxic for the environment and their use must be foregone because, today, many organic treatment have appeared that are very effective.

Products based on Bacillus Thurengiensi are authorized for use in organic growing and only have a very reduced negative impact on our planet.

  • Generally, they can be found in horticulture stores under the label “Organic caterpillar killer“.
  • Usually they must be dissolved in water and sprayed.
  • These products must be ingested by the target insects and must thus be sprayed on the entire plant.
  • Anti-caterpillar treatments must be applied as soon as the first butterflies fly.
  • Treat during dry weather, with no wind and no risk of rain.

As for the devastating vegetable patch caterpillars, hand-picking yields good immediate results, and you can also apply the methodology described above.

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