Special reports

The world of gardening is as vast as the imagination of each of us gardeners can make it. These reports highlight some of nature’s surprises.

A beehive in your garden

Bees are endangered, in part because of the massive use of pesticides. One thing you can do to protect them is to
Beekeeper hive garden

Garden shredder buying guide: zero-bias guidelines

Shredding plant waste is possible THE ultimate way to compress all that volume. Way less endless trips to the dump! You might even cut that back to zero – chipped waste proves quite handy in the garden, whether fresh or composted! Here are our non-biased tips on choosing the right garden shredder.
Choosing the right garden shredder

Use dead leaves to fertilize and protect plants

In fall, when trees and shrubs lose their foliage, a thick blanket of useful dead leaves forms in the garden. It is the season to unclog gutters and pick up leaves, and use them for gardens and vegetable plots
Dead leaf mulch

Different plants need different mulch

There is a mind-numbing amount of mulches on the market, and it’s never simple to find out which one is best for where you live and the plants you want to mulch.
Mulch like straw is a favorite for many plants

How to save bees

Now that governments are starting to ban insecticides that are the most dangerous to our honey-making friends, a reminder of the situation and the best practices to implement on how to save bees.
How to save bees

Mulch guidelines, mineral mulch

Not only is it very ornamental, mineral mulch is 100% natural. This trendy product is also an amazing answer to the problems of
Mineral mulch

Setting up a plant wall, indoors and outside!

Elegant, insulating, pollution-cleansing plant walls have inched across our vertical surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Care to set one up yourself? You’ve got a range of options.
How to make a living plant wall

Wasp, a reputation that deserves a makeover

Always a hassle around the picnic basket, sometimes even a painful sting, the wasp doesn’t seem to manage positive vibes, does it? But did you know its larva devours incredible amounts of insect pests that would otherwise damage our plants?
Wasp on a piece of old wood

Why do some plants have dewdrops and not others?

Most of the plants that surround us tend to show guttation drops – which we often mistaken for dewdrops! Get to know which of your favorite plants might show signs of guttation, and what it means for their health. → Shown here: on Alchemilla mollis Here is a partial list of plants that have been […]
Guttating plants

Shrew, a cute and helpful fellow in the garden

Though mice and voles are not friends in the garden, every shrew is greatly welcomed! Indeed, this small mammal spends its nights (and days!) munching on all kinds of harmful insects that come its way.

Ideas for plants along borders and edges

Wooden, metal, or concrete edges give way to plants. These low, compact edging plants line up to form boundaries through your landscaping efforts. For any type of exposure, this selection of edge plants will excel as a garden border!
Which flowers to plant along edges

Organic tips for great soil health

Knowing your soil type, delicately working the ground, associating plants and protecting them without using fertilizer or pesticides, all these tips will lead to healthy organic soil.
Healthy soil attracts all sorts of beneficial animals like this robin.

Broadfork, a toothy soil turner that harms neither bug… nor back!

A standout tool in permaculture, the broadfork is an eco-friendly tool, also known as a grelinette, bio-fork, aerator fork, or aerator. It allows for deep soil loosening without disrupting soil balance… and without straining your back! This tool, equipped with two handles and 3 to 9 tines, was invented in 1963 by Mr. Grelin, a […]
Broadfork, grelinette

Stone and Wood, warm companions for an inviting garden

The best of gardens share an irresistible invitation to passersby, beckoning them to sit for a spell, perhaps daydream for an instant. A simple piece of furniture, be it bench, chair, statue, a smooth slab of rock placed at the right spot by human hands, all beget meaning.
Stone and wood garden ideas

Hydrogel water crystals to beat drought

This is a product that goes by many different names: Polyter, Water Crystals, Orbeez, Watergel, Hydrogel, Hydrosource, Water drops, root watering crystals, super-absorbent polymers, PAM, water retention granules, hydrating crystals, water beads, water pebbles, hydrobeads, crystal soil, water jelly, jelly balls, soil moist, super slusher… The list seems endless and shows how much hope is […]
The sun is reflected in a swollen bead of hydrogel balls.

Spading fork, a sturdy tool for down-to-earth gardeners

The spading fork, also called digging fork, is an essential tool for every gardener. You can use it to make many jobs much easier. It’s a good alternative to the standard spade, often more destructive than a spading fork is.
Spading fork, digging fork

Indoor living plant wall, easy and impressive

Tiny apartments or one-room studios can also be home to rich plant life. Even if you don’t have a single flat countertop or windowsill to place your nice pots and containers! An amazing indoor plant wall
Indoor plant wall

Chipper shredder, know it all and choose well

Fall is usually the season when the purchasing of a chipper shredder comes to mind, with all the pruned shrubs and trees leading to mountains of branches. Since it is now often illegal to simply burn the branches in a huge bonfire as was done before, and we usually lack space to let it break […]
Chipper shredder

Peat, what is it really?

Peat is fossil organic matter, formed from plant debris. It is the major constituent of soils saturated in water like peat bogs.
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