Special reports

The world of gardening is as vast as the imagination of each of us gardeners can make it. These reports highlight some of nature’s surprises.

‘Picholine’ olives, a taste of Provence

Picholine olive is a special variety native to southern France. Consumers are often unaware of the fact: olive oil from NĂźmes was awarded in 2004 the title of “controlled designation of origin“: Appellation d’Origine ContrĂŽlĂ©e (AOC) in French.
Plump Picholine olives on the branch.

How to save bees

Now that governments are starting to ban insecticides that are the most dangerous to bees, a reminder of the situation and the best practices to implement to save them.
A bee hovers near a lavender flower.

Mulch, it protects and decorates your flower beds

Mulch is a trendy product that protects, decorates and supports plant growth for all your plantations. A natural product, its use is very beneficial to your plants and your garden, all the while reducing that most cumbersome of garden tasks: weeding!

Miniature man-made aquifer

Ever dreamed of having a garden that stays green throughout droughts? Do your water-hogging plants keep you from taking more than a week-end off?
Two large pans filled with hydrogel water crystals crossed by an irrigation pipe provide a miniature man-made aquifer for plants.

A fragrant garden!

There are innumerable fragrant flowers and plants that will bathe the garden in fresh perfumes that tickle our senses and increase enjoyment.
Honeysuckles help spread delicious smells for a fragrant garden.

Topdressing, what is it?

Topdressing means to spread or disperse a fresh layer of new soil mix directly atop the ground to give plants the organic matter
Topdressing, such as on this lawn, also applies to large pots and garden boxes.

Pot-in-pot technique for easy annuals

Annuals are often amazing in their variety and they bring fresh change to the garden. . The pot-in-pot technique is a great way to make replacing them and
An impatiens remains potted but benefits from being in the ground for water and nutrients.

Propagating a mimosa tree from bark

This method of propagation works particularly well for the mimosa tree. It is especially useful if you wish to replace a tree that was damaged and you still have access to its remains.
Two slabs of bark from a damaged tree recovered with sprouting mimosa tree shoots.

Gardening the easy way

Elevated garden boxes, elevated planters and other solutions are quite convenient for those who want to garden but can’t bend over!
A raised planter is a great solution for an easy garden.

Using Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Do you throw coffee grounds away? Not anymore! Coffee grounds have many uses that can boost your garden and flower beds, just like it gives you a boost when you drink the coffee itself! Composting coffee grounds not only reduces what goes to the landfill, it also benefits your plants. After reading this, will you […]
Used coffee grounds, with a few filters, collected on a gray tabletop before being used in the garden.

Indoor living plant wall, easy and impressive

Tiny apartments or one-room studios can also be home to rich plant life. Even if you don’t have a single flat countertop or windowsill to place your nice pots and containers! An amazing indoor plant wall
Indoor living plant frame with a few plants growing in it.

Cuttings and propagation, guiding principles

Preparing cuttings is a very simple plant propagation technique that many plants tolerate perfectly. Its main advantage is that it allows you to reproduce the same exact plant
Home-grown mint, rose, hydrangea and basil cuttings in either glass with water or soil mix, on a wooden table.

Hydrogel water crystals to beat drought

This is a product that goes by many different names: Polyter, Water Crystals, Orbeez, Watergel, Hydrogel, Hydrosource, Water drops, root watering crystals, super-absorbent polymers, PAM, water retention granules, hydrating crystals, water beads, water pebbles, hydrobeads, crystal soil, water jelly, jelly balls, soil moist, super slusher… The list seems endless and shows how much hope is […]
The sun is reflected in a swollen bead of hydrogel balls.

Buying a greenhouse, important selection criteria

For those who are lucky to have a garden, perhaps you’re dreaming of one day being able to afford a garden greenhouse. Of course, this is the dream of all plant-lovers in temperate climates.
Choosing the right greenhouse

Climate-proof plants

Choosing plants based on the climate in your area will make for easy gardening and will help reduce treatments and watering.
A thatch-roofed house with plants selected to thrive in that climate.

What if we gardened with the moon?

Gardening with the moon, sure! But how? Gardeners have always observed with fascination the impact of the moon on plants they were growing.
The moon in a blue sky influcencing hazy tree leaves in the foreground.

How to choose your Christmas tree!

Every year, the same challenge: you’ve got to choose your Christmas tree and bring joy to the house for grown-ups and kids alike! Decorating it is an important part of the process, and is truly fun to work out as a family or with friends and colleagues, but the first awaited step is the choosing […]
A Christmas tree ornament shaped like a Christmas tree on a spruce Christmass tree.

Garden with your kids

Nice weather usually means eating more delicious fruits and vegetables. Why not seize the chance to grow your own together with your children?

Set up a natural pond

Care for something cool – and refreshing! – in your garden? Set up a natural and eco-friendly pond in your garden, that will welcome lush plants and a host of little animals.
mare naturelle

How to winterize your plants

So you splurged and treated yourself to a eucalyptus tree, an oleander, a mimosa tree, a lemon tree or an olive tree? Here is how to protect these plants over the cold season.
hivernage plantes

Christmas and New year, 3 easy floral arrangement ideas

Preparing a beautiful table when receiving guests for such a feast is quite a challenging exercise. Follow recommendations of the Flower Council of Holland/La Joie des fleurs to cast a spell on your guests. An ultra-flowered table for a Merry Christmas Preparing the Christmas spirit means ensuring a warm, emotion-rich atmosphere that sparks sharing. In […]
idee deco noel reveillon

Carve a pumpkin for Halloween!

October 31st is Halloween! Hey, what if you celebrated it with the famous Jack O’Lantern pumpkin? Whether you have children or not, this is always a fun activity!


Organic gardening means applying to gardening the principles of organic agriculture. The main difference with organic agriculture is