The Vegetable Patch

Different ways of preparing red beet: juice, sliced, sticks
Carrot growing in the soil, slightly uncovered at the crown.
Clump of sea kale with gravel mulch.
Beds prepared to cover seedlings and sowing
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Fruit trees - growing, treating, pruning

Strawberry plant with leaves and three fruits resting on a protective piece of slate.
Luscious apples on the apple tree.
Young beurry hardy pears on tree
Plums on a plum tree
Delicious fruits abound here

Health benefits of garden plants

Allium vegetables and spices including onion, garlic, leek and bunching onion fill the image, ready to be cooked with insparsed parsley to combat cancer.
Sliced aloe vera leaf shows health-improving gel.
Hazelnuts cracked open displayed to show their health benefits.
A ripe green fig sliced open on a wooden outdoor table.
More natural healing tips
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