The Vegetable Patch

Opening a fresh broad bean
Bountiful eggplant with a dozen eggplants.
Zucchini in a wicker basket (four pieces) resting in a shaded piece of grass.
Different varieties of lettuce grown in a checkered pattern.
More veggies for you here

Fruit trees - growing, treating, pruning

Plum breakfast
Damson plums on a branch
Long sprig of red currant with at least thirthy berries against dark green background.
Quince tree with fruit on the branch
Delicious fruits abound here

Health benefits of garden plants

A tin bucket filled with strawberries on a dark wooden plank.
Marjoram health benefits
A ripe green fig sliced open on a wooden outdoor table.
Health benefits of hawthorn, three berries on a branch.
More natural healing tips
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