Garden flowers for outside

Chrysanthemum, a plant that is simply beautiful
Corrigiola, strapwort, a simple wildflower for rocky ground
Lady’s mantle, the woman’s herb
Snowdrop, a cute little flower
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Shrubs and trees for a beautiful landscape

Thuja, a true hedge conifer
Cypress tree, a superb conifer
Stone pine, a majestic conifer
Pernettya, beautiful in fall and winter
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The Veggie Patch by N&G

Companion planting, preparing the vegetable patch
Artichoke, how to grow it
Beloved red beet
Grow red kuri vertically to maximize space
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Herbs fresh from the garden

Tarragon, a very fragrant plant
Basil, very tasty leaves
Coriander, so fragrant!
Aniseed, a delicious seed to crunch on after meals
Yummy herbs and more

Plants that make a house a home

Dracaena marginata bicolor, a crown of ruby, emerald and ivory jewels
Ficus benjamina, ideal for indoors
Caring for Lucky Bamboo
Dracaena, care, diseases, varieties
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Wonderful blooms with "The Rose Garden"

David Austin, four new English roses
Annapurna rose tree, irresistible
Carefree rose trees
Rose tree – when and how to plant roses
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Bulb flowers for every season

Crocus, among the first to bloom
Snowdrop, a cute little flower
Ornamental onion, a very ornamental perennial
Ivy leaf cyclamen, for a marvelous carpet of flowers
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Climbing vines, fragrant and beautiful

Mandevilla, a climber that bears stunning flowers
Clematis armandii, early and fragrant
Solanum, Potato vine, a jasmine look-alike
Dipladenia, marvelous blooming vine for hanging suspensions
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Fruit trees and berry shrubs

Purple filbert, purple hazel – care, pruning, harvest
Potted olive trees, ideal for terraces
Blackthorn, delicious wild berries
Wooed by an apple tree
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Citrus, tangy tartilicious

Citrus, oranges, lemon trees… all there is to know
Potted lemon tree, very convenient!
Citron, the hand of Buddha
Australian finger lime, a VIP fruit
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Lawns, lush and luminous

Remove moss from the lawn
Kikuyu grass, lawns made easy
Topdress your lawn for a lush, thick, neat result!
Rototiller, scores of advantages
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Plant & tree diseases - organic treatments

Different species of thrips
Thrips lifecycle – from egg to pupa to reproducing adult in just 9 days!
Thrips damage and symptoms – how to tell if your plant is infected by thrips
Control transplant damage – protect your plant & avoid wounds
More diseases and their natural treatments

Special Garden reports

Discover BRF or RCW, Ramial Chipped Wood, the next mulch revolution!
Soil mix or compost, what is the difference?
Shredder and composter, how to make the right choice
Build your own apartment composting unit, tips and tricks
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