Garden flower: choose the right ones

Helxine soleirolia, Baby's tears
Flower blooming on French lavender
Aubrieta covering the ground and fading into the distance
Yellow osteospermum flowers indoors.
Flowers for the garden

Trees and shrubs

Bright pink blossoms cover an Azalea japonica with a few bright green leaves.
Common myrtle, a flowering shrub
Shears for pruning shrubs and trees
Backlit branch of thuja against a black background
More trees to discover

Roses throughout the garden

Pruning English roses
Single red parfum rose
Roses deserve many companions such as these grasses
How to prune rose trees in winter and why
With and without thorns, more roses here

Bulbs and Rhizome flowers

Purissima botanical tulip
Potted tulips along a walkway
Planting tulips
Lily flower
Peel more layers off these onions here

Vine plants for the garden

Orange-yellow honeysuckle, a fragrant climbing vine
Clematis with beautiful flowers
A Clematis alpina flower just barely opening up, head still facing down.
Fragrant clematis
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Citrus growing secrets

A loaded orange tree against a bright blue sky.
Lemon tree wrapped up in winterizing fleece
Orange tree in a pot, blooming
A potted lemon tree with fruits being wheeled out into the sun.
More Citrus techniques here

Lawn care secrets

Different plants to replace lawn grass with
A lawn with zero maintenance
Grass trimmings used for mulch in a veggie patch
Lawn clippings to add to the compost
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Plant & tree diseases - organic treatments

Olive tree killing bacteria, xylella fastidiosa
Thrips on a leaf, wings folded back.
Types of blight that infect bean leaves, pods and seeds
phytophthora on a tomato plant and fruit
More diseases and their natural treatments