Garden flowers for outside

Three handfuls of bleeding heart flowers picked and strewn across a pastel blue plank of wood.
Salvia grahamii
Yellow osteospermum flowers indoors.
Two pink peony flowers in a garden
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Shrubs and trees for a beautiful landscape

Shaped boxwood shrubs forming boxes
Yellow tulip tree flower
Acacia dealbata in full bloom with yellow flowers
Cypress alleyway
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The Veggie Patch by N&G

Stinging nettle leaves help fertilize and protect tomato plants
Sprouting tomato seeds
Healthy vegetable patch with natural fertilizer
Three square-foot vegetable beds
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Herbs fresh from the garden

Herbs and spices growing in a garden
Bunch of bunching onion
Lush rosemary shrub
Tarragon leaves with a golden yellow flower blooming.
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Plants that make a house a home

New red leaves appearing among green poinsettia foliage.
Plants for the bathroom, like this pothos around a shower
Dracaeana marginata tricolor exploding in full color.
flowering plants in winter on a windowsill: hyacinth and poinsettia
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Wonderful blooms with "The Rose Garden"

David Austin roses, a selection of four dating back to 2013 : Lady gardener, Thomas à Becket, Carolyn Knight and Albrighton Rambler
Yellow rose cut and pruned with a secateur
Rose trees climbing along a latticed wall undergoing pruning
Tall blooming Pierre de Ronsard Rose bush tree.
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Bulb flowers for every season

A cluster of light-colored violet grape hyacinths.
Single red poppy anemone in field
Allium flowers, purple pompoms that are perfectly spherical.
Giant onion flower just opening up.
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Climbing vines, fragrant and beautiful

Shaded courtyard with garden
A Clematis alpina flower just barely opening up, head still facing down.
Two yellow winter jasmine flowers.
Clematis armandii vine blooming with white five-petaled flowers along a lattice of crisscrossing wood.
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Fruit trees and berry shrubs

Three unripe Corylus avellana fruits on a branch.
Summer fruit tree care, plums on a branch
Two pears with leaves on a stump
Espalier pruning maximizes yields for apple and pear trees.
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Citrus, tangy tartilicious

A potted lemon tree with fruits being wheeled out into the sun.
Green Buddha's hand fruit, not yet open.
Clementines hanging from a fruiting branch.
Calamondin bearing red-yellow fruits.
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Lawns, lush and luminous

Plants to replace grass with
Lawn mower with large, perfect green lawn
Phase two of topdressing a lawn, topdressing mix strewn across the grass must be raked in.
Lawn overrun by moss
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Plant & tree diseases - organic treatments

Chlorosis on leaves of a bird-of-paradise plant
Symptoms of fire blight include red, dry leaves
Ladybug in garden
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Special Garden reports

Three pots on a workbench with soil, peat and filler materials.
Coronavirus won't stop gardeners like these active seedling-planting toys!
Blue tit in feeder tray
Herb gardens, new equipment, new garden ideas
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