Animals in the garden

Beardtongue, tips and guidance for the best possible care
Ornamental onion, pompoms of color in the garden
Stonecrop, Sedum spectabile
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Exochorda, the pearl bush
Aztec Pearl Choisya, a small flower-bearing shrub
Setting up a flowered hedge
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How to grow cucumber
Onion, from seedling to harvest
Zucchini, a delicious vegetable that is easy to grow
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Fresh from the Herb garden

ZZ plant, a graphic plant for top-notch designer homes
Jade tree, Crassula ovata
Schlumbergera, the Christmas cactus
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Rose tree diseases and how to treat them
Pruning Hybrid Tea roses
Dog rose, a rose tree with a rather wild touch
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Dahlia, unique garden flowers
Ivy leaf cyclamen, for a marvelous carpet of flowers
Camas, cute spring flowers
Unearth more stupendous bulb flowers here
Ivy, an easy climbing plant
Solanum, Potato vine, a jasmine look-alike
Bougainvillea, a unique climbing plant
More flowering vines crawl around here
Apricot tree, producing delicious apricots
Acerola, power-packed vitamin C
Fruit-inducing pruning
Fruit trees galore here
Australian finger lime, a VIP fruit
Calamondin, a nice indoor orange tree
Potted lemon tree, very convenient!
More Tart & Tangy Citrus here

Hedge & Lawn care

Succulent wonders

Rust, techniques and treatments to avoid it
Rose tree diseases and how to treat them
Black spot disease, diagnosis and treatment
More diseases and their natural treatments

Special Reports