Advice on gardening for plants, flowers, shrubs, roses and vegetables from the garden and in the house.
Seedling, pruning, caring tips and guidance on how to grow a beautiful garden, produce healthy food and avoid plant diseases and parasites naturally.

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Flowers for the Garden

All the flowers you can imagine are grouped here for your perusal. Sifting through the pages, you might discover exactly… See the articles


Vegetable garden

Advice on how to grow vegetables from seed to harvest, with all the guidance you need to care for them,… See the articles


Fruit trees

Fruit trees are a must-have in any garden that aims for both beauty and productivity. These animal-friendly plantations are a… See the articles



The Citrus family is an amazingly diverse group that deserves a category of its own. Even though they can all… See the articles


Climbing plants

Climbing plants are truly magnificent when grown in just the right place. Do you have an ugly wall that needs… See the articles


Bulb flowers

Bulb flowers are amazing in that they sprout from scratch, power up their blooms, and then only start wondering about… See the articles


Herbs and spices

Who would think that a single tiny leaf can transcend a meal or dish? That a sprig barely a finger… See the articles


Indoor plants

Plants for the house! Who needs a garden when plants have evolved to fit the most demanding of environments –… See the articles


Lawn Care

Ah, that epitome of garden care: the perfect lawn! Not a blade of grass that isn’t at its place, and… See the articles


Month after month

Seasons come and go, and the bench in the yard or on the terrace is a great place to see… See the articles



Roses are red… and almost every other color you can imagine! These pages and articles showcase special roses that are… See the articles


Special reports

The world of gardening is as vast as the imagination of each of us gardeners can make it. There’s more… See the articles


Treating diseases and pests

Plants in the garden rarely look as pristine as the images on labels from the stores we purchased them. Actually,… See the articles


Trees and shrubs

Majestic towering trees compete with emblematic shrubs to decorate gardens throughout the year. Stupendous flower-bearing, fragrance-releasing bushes will fit right… See the articles