Garden flowers for outside

Salvia grahamii
White cosmos flowers, but they also come in all the other colors.
sauge de graham grahamii
English lavender in a field
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Shrubs and trees for a beautiful landscape

Lilac-colored buddleia flowers in part shade.
Buddleja flower panicle close up, deep pink color.
Delicately unfurled yellow wintersweet blooms along a branch, with hazy branches and blue sky in the background.
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The Veggie Patch by N&G

Cherry tomatoes growing on the plant.
Easy-growing tomatoes is child's play, like this toddler savoring a tomato on a bench.
chou navet
Rows of lettuce and radish sowed and planted in a spring vegetables patch.
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Herbs fresh from the garden

menthe ananas
sauge officinale
Yummy herbs and more

Plants that make a house a home

stephanotis jasmin madagascar
Leaves of a Dracaena plant are turning yellow.
Ficus microcarpa
Easy to care for succulents in a glass jar
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Wonderful blooms with "The Rose Garden"

A heavily rust-covered pair of rose tree leaves.
Dog rose blooms with bee foraging on them.
Rose tree planting in the ground and in pots
Rose trees climbing along a latticed wall undergoing pruning
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Bulb flowers for every season

Yellow iris flower, also called marsh iris
A cluster of light-colored violet grape hyacinths.
A cluster of snowdrops newly opened under a cold sun.
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Climbing vines, fragrant and beautiful

capucine fleur
Cluster of flowers on a blue Plumbago auriculata Monott
Allamanda vine, the golden trumpet
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Fruit trees and berry shrubs

Strawberry plant with leaves and three fruits resting on a protective piece of slate.
Luscious apples on the apple tree.
Young beurry hardy pears on tree
Plums on a plum tree
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Citrus, tangy tartilicious

Six finger-length Australian finger lime fruits with one open in then middle.
A healthy lemon tree branch with two ripe yellow lemons.
A stack of different citrus fruits
Large round green pomelo fruit hanging from a branch.
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Lawns, lush and luminous

Lawn mower with large, perfect green lawn
Phase two of topdressing a lawn, topdressing mix strewn across the grass must be raked in.
Lawn overrun by moss
Close-up of a square of kikuyu grass lawn.
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Plant & tree diseases - organic treatments

Scale insects
pyrale du buis
tomate maladie
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Special Garden reports

jardinage durable
Red flower attracting a butterfly in a garden.
Watering, a critical garden task
Two large pans filled with hydrogel water crystals crossed by an irrigation pipe provide a miniature man-made aquifer for plants.
More Tips & Tricks for great growing