Garden flowers for outside

Agapanthus lily of the Nile freshly open against a backdrop of bricks and ivy.
Endless view of bright-colored primroses with a yellow one in the forefront
How to make a flower bed
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Shrubs and trees for a beautiful landscape

Lilac shrub in full bloom.
Shrubs that bloom in pink
Melliferous plants, shrubs and trees that feed pollinators
Japanese pagoda tree from small to big
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The Veggie Patch by N&G

Oakleaf lettuce care and tips
Rocambole, or sand leek, flower containing cloves
Perennial leek
Square-foot vegetable patch
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Herbs fresh from the garden

Aniseed plant flower umbels.
White mustard actually has yellow flowers
Herbs and spices growing in a garden
Bunch of bunching onion
Yummy herbs and more

Plants that make a house a home

Top of a beheaded dracaena marginata dragon plant
Plants for the bathroom, like this pothos around a shower
Frangipani flower tree
Three abutilon flowers and leaves on black background, with yellow petals and red cuppolas.
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Wonderful blooms with "The Rose Garden"

Child sniffing a fragrant rose around the house
David Austin roses, a selection of four dating back to 2013 : Lady gardener, Thomas à Becket, Carolyn Knight and Albrighton Rambler
Yellow rose cut and pruned with a secateur
Rose trees climbing along a latticed wall undergoing pruning
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Bulb flowers for every season

List of the 10 best spring bulbs
Dreamy narcissus bulbs
Cyclamen coum leaves and flower on rocky terrain
Wild tulip blooms with short, cute flowers
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Climbing vines, fragrant and beautiful

Pink mandevilla vine twining up a black wrought iron fence.
Clematis with beautiful flowers
Shaded courtyard with garden
A Clematis alpina flower just barely opening up, head still facing down.
More flowering vines crawl around here

Fruit trees and berry shrubs

Fruit tree winter treatments
Plum breakfast
Fruit trees galore here

Citrus, tangy tartilicious

Calamondin bearing red-yellow fruits.
A potted lemon tree with fruits being wheeled out into the sun.
Clementines hanging from a fruiting branch.
A healthy lemon tree branch with two ripe yellow lemons.
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Lawns, lush and luminous

Lawn clippings to add to the compost
Plants to replace grass with
Lawn mower with large, perfect green lawn
Phase two of topdressing a lawn, topdressing mix strewn across the grass must be raked in.
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Plant & tree diseases - organic treatments

Slug eating a leaf
Green lacewing adult on flower
Ladybug: the lifecycle of this precious garden assistant
Spots of septoria infection on a tomato plant leaf.
More diseases and their natural treatments

Special Garden reports

Ashes can help protect seedlings, among other garden uses
Ramial chipped wood is made from branches.
Compost in a wheelbarrow
Herbarium cover with flowers
More Tips & Tricks for great growing