Garden flowers for outside

Large Athyrium leaf
Lavender with a young lady handling the flowers.
French marigolds from above
A close-up of a clump of Mexican feather grass.
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Shrubs and trees for a beautiful landscape

Duck on an evergreen hedge
Large oak tree in the forest.
Oleander, a lively summer shrub
Guitar plant flower
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The Veggie Patch by N&G

Pumpkin harvest in a large wicker basket
A sliced vitelotte black potato on a fresh harvest shows its purple insides.
Watermelon grown and harvested
Oyster mushrooms growing.
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Herbs fresh from the garden

Tarragon leaves with a golden yellow flower blooming.
Dill leaves with a ladybug in them.
Marjoram flowers with a bee
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Plants that make a house a home

White-flowered Phalaenopsis orchid in a red pot.
Ficus retusa bonsai in a red enamel clay pot.
New red leaves appearing among green poinsettia foliage.
Dracaeana marginata tricolor exploding in full color.
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Wonderful blooms with "The Rose Garden"

Rose trees climbing along a latticed wall undergoing pruning
Tall blooming Pierre de Ronsard Rose bush tree.
A heavily rust-covered pair of rose tree leaves.
Dog rose blooms with bee foraging on them.
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Bulb flowers for every season

Single grecian windflower with leaves
Widely opened violet-white crocus flowers.
Bluebell clump as an edge near a lawn
Wonderful 'Wizard of Oz' pompom dahlia.
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Climbing vines, fragrant and beautiful

Cluster of white jasmine flowers
Lovely virginia creeper climbing up a stone wall with a window
White mandevilla or dipladenia flowers against a gray trunk.
Blooming Indian jasmine vine
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Fruit trees and berry shrubs

An olive tree freezing with three inches of snow.
Apple tree with an apple, great fruit tree for planting
Plum breakfast
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Citrus, tangy tartilicious

A potted lemon tree with fruits being wheeled out into the sun.
Green Buddha's hand fruit, not yet open.
Clementines hanging from a fruiting branch.
Calamondin bearing red-yellow fruits.
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Lawns, lush and luminous

Lawn mower with large, perfect green lawn
Phase two of topdressing a lawn, topdressing mix strewn across the grass must be raked in.
Lawn overrun by moss
Close-up of a square of kikuyu grass lawn.
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Plant & tree diseases - organic treatments

Potions with plants on a bench, fertilizers and treatments
Tar like black spots on maple leaf, yellowing and brown around the rim.
Tiny red spider mite on green leaf.
Sooty mold is a black coating on leaves and fruits
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Special Garden reports

Rainwater tank connected to gutter spout
Uses of compost prepared from kitchen scraps
Wooden swingset with 5 activities.
Slate mulch, perfect for acid-loving plants and shrubs
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