Flowers for the Garden

Erica heather
Tall Pampas grass fronds against blue sky
Deep blue forget-me-not cluster on a single-leaved stem.
Olive trees can cope with drought even when in pots.
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Shrubs and trees for a beautiful landscape

Blue-colored soap bush flowers
Mature Catalpa tree
Yellow tulip tree flower
Branches and fruits of an evergreen oak tree
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The Veggie Patch by N&G

Germinated potatoes chopped up in quarters for more plants.
Sprouting tomato seeds
Cloves of garlic ready for planting
Oyster mushrooms growing.
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Plants that make a house a home

Two adenium flowers on a stem
Lucky bamboo in a pot filled with gravel
Red poinsettia blooms
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Dreamy roses and how to grow them

A heavily rust-covered pair of rose tree leaves.
Dew-covered English rose
Rose trees climbing along a latticed wall undergoing pruning
Rose cutting
Gloves on? Grab more thorn-covered beauties!

Climbing vines, fragrant and beautiful

Bright pink bougainvillea flowers shooting for the sky.
Giant pergola with wisteria dangling.
Properly pruned stephanotis blooming before a brick wall.
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The Fruit Orchard

Blackthorn berries or sloes clustered on a branch.
Long sprig of red currant with at least thirthy berries against dark green background.
Plump Picholine olives on the branch.
Lycium, the goji berry tree, with red goji berries on a leafed branch.
Finger-food picking fun

Plant & tree diseases - organic treatments

A heavily rust-covered pair of rose tree leaves.
A deluxe insect hotel with holes, nooks and crannies for insects.
Ants on a stone margin being repelled with organic treatments.
Sparrow on branch with bright green leaves
More diseases and their natural treatments