Garden flower: choose the right ones

Native and invasive range of Imperata cylindrica
Ivy-leaf geranium in a pot with a stunning red flower
Marram grass against the sunset
Seaside view through leaves and seed pods of blue lyme grass
Flowers for the garden

Trees and shrubs

Tamarisk, invasive and native ranges
Invasive Russian Olive in Montana
Native and invasive ranges of Albizia
Clump of invasive scotch broom, here in its native range
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Roses throughout the garden

Roses deserve many companions such as these grasses
Annapurna rose, a beautiful rose
Child sniffing a fragrant rose around the house
Dog rose blooms with bee foraging on them.
With and without thorns, more roses here

Bulbs and Rhizome flowers

Ice Cream tulip looks like an ice-cream cone with two scoops
Bulbs that flower in the summer
Purissima botanical tulip
Season for tulip bouquet has started
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Vine plants for the garden

Allamanda vine, the golden trumpet
Two white clematis cirrhosa flowers
Garden shed with climbing vines decorating it
Restaurant with a vine that provides shade on a pergola
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Citrus growing secrets

Six finger-length Australian finger lime fruits with one open in then middle.
A loaded orange tree against a bright blue sky.
Lemon tree wrapped up in winterizing fleece
Orange tree in a pot, blooming
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Lawn care secrets

Fall leaves with grass lawn that needs taking care of
Different plants to replace lawn grass with
Grass trimmings used for mulch in a veggie patch
A lawn with zero maintenance
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Plant & tree diseases - organic treatments

Chlorosis on leaves of a bird-of-paradise plant
Large bollworm on a cabbage leaf with excrements
Botrytis fungus symptoms, treatments
Beautiful but deadly, the sycomore lace bug can kill a tree
More diseases and their natural treatments