Garden flower: choose the right ones

Caring for geranium
Lavandula dentata
Exotic and adventurous red canna flower
Martagon lily
Flowers for the garden

Vegetable patch news

Three honey moon tomato
When and how to prune eggplant
Winter vegetables
Chufa roots with groundnuts forming

Trees and shrubs

Rose of sharon hibiscus
More trees to discover

Houseplant care

Dracaena marginata - dragon tree
bathroom plants houseplants
White orchid varieties
More houseplants

The Herb garden

Sichuan pepper tree - Zanthoxylum
White mustard - spice and green manure fertilizer
Spices and herbs

Roses throughout the garden

Rose trees climbing along a latticed wall undergoing pruning
Companion plants for roses
How to prune rose trees in winter and why
pierre de ronsard roses
With and without thorns, more roses here

Bulbs and Rhizome flowers

Martagon lily
Blooming lily of the valley
Yellow iris flower, also called marsh iris
Peel more layers off these onions here

Orchard Secrets

Growing fig tree north south
Goji Berry - Lycium barbarum
Acerola berry
Apple tree plantation with red and green apples
Fruits and fruit tree care

Vine plants for the garden

Ivy latching on to bare rock
Morning glory bindweed
Dipladenia plant
hardy kiwi
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Citrus growing secrets

Lemon tree wrapped up in winterizing fleece
clementine tree
finger lime fruiting
Fortunella margarita
More Citrus techniques here

Lawn care secrets

Lawn trimmings mulch
Remove moss from lawn
Automatic or manual lawn mowers
Mow through more questions here

Plant & tree diseases - organic treatments

A deluxe insect hotel with holes, nooks and crannies for insects.
Scale insects
Cherry fly maggot
Begonia leaves with drops of water on them
More diseases and their natural treatments

Special reports

improve pollination
Lily flowers in a natural pond created in a garden.
Used coffee grounds, with a few filters, collected on a gray tabletop before being used in the garden.
Indoor plant wall
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