Indoor plants

Plants for the house! Whether absent-minded or intently caring, you can welcome plants at home for that exotic feeling or to purify the air.

White orchid varieties, 5 immaculate varieties

White orchid varieties are a clear favorite because they symbolize uplifting emotions in an elegant manner. Indeed, the whiteness of their flowers express joy and love with pristine clarity!
White orchid varieties

Black ZZ plants, three easy-care dark Zamioculcas plants

Many are now familiar with the striking designer-like fronds of the ZZ plant. Did you know that at least three types of black zz plant exist? These make for fabulous additions to black-themed gardens and home interiors. Read also: Black is back ZZ plant care More ZZ plant varieties The black ZZ plant Houseplant-wise, the […]
Black ZZ plant

Rubber tree, ficus elastica

The rubber tree, or Ficus elastica, is a very beautiful indoor plant much liked for its shiny thick leathery leaves.
Rubber Tree - Ficus Elastica

Emerald palm, how to care for Zamioculcas palm

Emerald palm looks like a palm, but it’s not! Always a great houseplant, of course. Emerald palm facts Name – Zamioculcas zamiifolia Family – Araceae Type – succulent houseplant Height – 1 ½-3 ft / 0.5-1 m indoors Exposure – well-lit, indirect Soil: draining   –   Foliage: evergreen   –   Propagation: clump division, cuttings […]
Emerald palm

Bromelia, a plant with a bang!

With its amazing colorful bloom girdled with a crown of deep green leaves, Bromelia does every thing it can to catch your eye. This exotic beauty comes in many shapes and varieties, and is often the most original indoor plant of our homes.

Pilea, a trendy, stylish plant

Pilea peperomioides, also called “Chinese money plant”, is a very ornamental plant which is ideal in designer settings.

Easy and beautiful plants for apartments

Growing leaf and flower plants inside our homes dates back to ancient times with the use of Roman loggias. It spread during the Renaissance when glass-makers were able to create large, bright windows.
Beautiful houseplants with easy care

Opuntia vulgaris, caring for Mickey Mouse paddle cactus

Opuntia vulgaris is a paddle cactus with flat, round leaf-stems. Opuntia vulgaris facts Latin name: Opuntia vulgaris Mill. Common name: Paddle cactus, Mickey Mouse Family: Cactaceae Type: Succulent plant Height: 18 feet (6 m) Indoor use: pot Exposure: full sun Soil: limestone, sand, well-drained Planting : year-round in containers  –  Flowering : June to July Opuntia Vulgaris is a succulent […]
Opuntia vulgaris

Schefflera, a very easy leaf plant

Schefflera is a plant common in houses, apartments and offices. Its main assets are the beauty of its foliage and its great ease of care.

Keep your kokedama alive: how to water, feed and prune the ball

Making a kokedama is one thing. Taking care of it is another. But don’t worry! Unlike bonsai, kokedama doesn’t demand constant attention. Stick to some simple rules and you can enjoy your flowery “moss ball” for much longer. Watering your kokedama: the key to perfect care When to water? To figure out the right watering […]
How to care for kokedama

Codonanthe diseases, pests & problems

Codonanthe is a trailing suspension houseplant that only rarely has problems. Here are a few of the most common issues you’ll have when caring for Codonanthe.
Problems with codonanthe
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