Indoor plants

Plants for the house! Whether absent-minded or intently caring, you can welcome plants at home for that exotic feeling or to purify the air.

Emerald palm, how to care for Zamioculcas palm

Emerald palm looks like a palm, but it’s not! Always a great houseplant, of course. Emerald palm facts Name – Zamioculcas zamiifolia Family – Araceae Type – succulent houseplant Height – 1 Β½-3 ft / 0.5-1 m indoors Exposure – well-lit, indirect Soil: draining Β  – Β  Foliage: evergreen Β  –   Propagation: clump division, cuttings […]
Emerald palm

Orchid watering, how to water orchids

Orchids are flowers native to tropical forests. They love warm environments with a lot of moisture in the air. Though they like humidity, their root system is very vulnerable to root rot when they wallow in water for too long.
Watering orchid

White orchid varieties, 5 immaculate varieties

White orchid varieties are a clear favorite because they symbolize uplifting emotions in an elegant manner. Indeed, the whiteness of their flowers express joy and love with pristine clarity!
White orchid varieties

Growing an avocado tree from seed

Although growing avocado tree in the ground is only possible in tropical regions or in the Mediterranean area, it is easy to sprout an avocado from seed and grow it indoors.
grow avocado from seed

Extend the blooming of your amaryllis!

With its magnificent brightly colored flowered stems, amaryllis brings light to our houses for the long winter season. To extend its blooming, special care is needed.
Help your amaryllis bloom for longer

Thousands of orchids

You might know the Phalaenopsis that has set root in many homes all over the world, but a great many other orchid varieties are still unknown to the greater public.
Orchid varieties and species

Propagating gardenia through cuttings, marcot, seeds

Gardenia propagates well through cuttings, marcotting, and seeds. Gardenia propagation key facts: Difficulty: easy Time: 8 weeks True-to-type: cuttings, air-layering New varieties: sowing from seed Read also: growing gardenia Cuttings with gardenia The best way to multiply gardenia is cuttings, even though this technique isn’t always crowned with success. Prepare cuttings at the beginning of […]
Propagation gardenia

Cambria, a magnificent orchid

Growing a Cambria orchid is quite straightforward. Note that there are a few rules to follow for nice flowers and to extend the blooming

Colorful flowers for homes in winter

Warm colors for a warm home. That’s what Poinsettia and hyacinth have to offer. These two plants gift us with an explosion of colors at the heart of winter.
Indoor flower winter

Two trendy leaf plants

Rhipsalis and Zamioculcas are two trendy leaf plants catching all eyes wherever they’re grown.
Trendy leaf plants

Zamioculcas problems: save your ZZ

Zamioculcas is such a resilient plant that you won’t have to visit this page very often… Short summary: Single stem drying out – normal Stems falling over – lack of light Drops on leaf tips – guttation Yellow – overwatering or chlorosis
Zamioculcas problems
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