Plants for each room


Oxygen-rich and source of greenery, plants are crucial to any household.

When considering what makes each room special, they can be set up anywhere, from the bedroom to the bathroom…

In the living room

This is the room where all your plant dreams can come true, especially if the dining area is vast and luminous.

Feel free to set up large plants that can spread as they grow, like the classical yucca, areca, dracaena and kentia palm which has a bearing that throws us back to palm-studded island beaches… an exotic breakaway whilst still in your own sofa…

In the same frame of mind, adopt beargrass or Elephant’s foot, a funny-looking tree with a swollen base and a hairdo like a mop that can grow up to 6 ½ feet (2 meters) when mature!

Cluster your plants together to create a lush “bubble”: this helps them share moisture and keep each other happy.

In the bedroom

Usually smaller and darker, the bedroom is a rather cool place where the temperature stays even.

Place one or two small flower-bearing plants to add color to the bedside table or drawer chest. Avoid fragrant flowers that might meddle with your sleep.

The elegant phalaenopsis orchid is perfect, as is cyclamen, spathiphyllum (moonflower), saintpaulia

Check that their emplacement doesn’t put them on the path of drafts and too near to heating devices.

In the kitchen and bathroom

Often moist and with temperatures varying a lot, the kitchen and bathroom also deserve their own specific touch of greenery, as long as mostly resilient tropical plants are chosen, such as flamingo flower with its beautiful red blooms, ferns (asplenium, nephrolepsis, etc.), lucky bamboo, Christmas cactus (a type of schlumbergera)…

Papyrus, native to the banks of the Nile river, is known to love the moisture of bathrooms if there’s enough light.

Remember that cactuses and surprising carnivore plants will be a source of curiosity for children. For instance, you can pair several different Gymnocalycium together, these chubby little cactuses  bloom in red, yellow or orange and will add color to your design!

Laure Hamann