Lawn Care

Ah, that epitome of garden care: the perfect lawn! Find how to make your green dreams come true. From removing moss to wildflowers, it’s all there!

De-thatching, when and how

De-thatching a lawn helps it grow more resilient and thick. The goal of dethatching is to remove moss and matted grass clippings that tend
Dethatching a lawn

Ground cover plants, no more mowing!

If mowing the lawn has become an unbearable chore, or if you hope to add greenery to your shade-covered spots, opt for ground cover plants. They’re just as beautiful as grass and only require minimal care. Here are just six from the hundreds that can be purchased in horticulture stores.
Plants to replace grass with

Remove moss from the lawn

When moss appears on a lawn or in the grass, it often can be traced to one or two simple factors that are easy to identify.
Lawn overrun by moss

Rototiller, scores of advantages

A rototiller is a very useful when starting a vegetable patch or lawn, and it also helps for tilling the soil, hoeing and cultivating or removing weeds. Whether the surface is large or small, a mini tiller or a rototiller will greatly ease any garden work

To reduce lawn care…

After summer dry spells, your lawn begs care and attention. What if you tried eco-friendly lawn renovation this spring?
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