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Renovating a lawn in spring

Mower on a renovated lawn

It’s been years since your lawn was sown, it looked nice for quite a long while, but now you realize that today it’s a haven for weeds, moss and grass has died off in places. What easy tips and tricks can really give your lawn a nice makeover, and make it look like new?

Summer, with its extended dry spells or winter with its scathing frost are also difficult times for old lawns.

Timing to renovate your lawn

The best season to renovate a lawn is when its growth is the most vigorous, in spring or in fall.

Indeed, you’ll make the growth of your lawn an asset to speed up the renovation process.

  • At the beginning of spring or in fall, avoid days of heavy rain.
  • You can renovate your lawn until the end of spring without expecting any problems.

How to renovate a lawn

Renovating a lawn or span of grass isn’t very difficult but simply implies the following tips.

These steps must be performed on a regular basis every 2 or 3 years depending on your soil and the type of exposure of your garden.

Choose products used in organic farming to keep your soil pristine for the next generations.

  • Mowing an overgrown lawnStart with weeding your lawn, ideally this step is done manually, with special care given to removing the whole roots.
  • After weeding, you can mow your lawn quite short.
  • Then, dethatch your lawn, following the advice on dethatching that we’ve prepared.

These steps all have a certain impact on your lawn’s vegetation phase.

The space left by the weeding, the mowing and the dethatching must be conquered quickly with new lawn seeds.

  • Sow the barest spots with lawn seed.
  • At this stage, topdress with soil mix to ensure proper root development and soil fertilization.

4 to 6 weeks after having been sown, special granulated lawn fertilizer must be spread on the lawn.

  • This type of fertilizer has the advantage of having a slow and steady impact on your lawn.
  • Adding lawn fertilizer after this step will guarantee your having a very beautiful, lush, green lawn.
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