Topdressing, what is it?

Topdressing means to spread or disperse a ½ inch (1 cm) layer of soil mix directly on atop your lawn to give it the organic matter it needs to grow best.

You can also use compost, which has fertilizing properties and will cover the needs of your lawn for an entire year.

Topdressing, technique and guidelines

Topdressing a plant or lawn is a good way to care for it and it helps reduce the need for frequent fertilizing.

  • This operation helps the soil to become richer in terms of organic matter.
  • It also helps the soil to stay airy and light, fighting the natural tendency of soil to grow heavier over the years.
  • Topdressing enhances soil structure.
  • Soil that is well structured has superior water retention properties and is a more fertile environment for plants.
  • When you add soil mix or compost, the soil grows more porous. This maximizes local gaseous exchanges that promote proper root growth.

Smart tip about topdressing

Topdressing is an excellent organic option to maintain your lawn.

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