Bulb flowers

Bulb flowers are amazing in that they sprout from scratch, power up their blooms, and are usually very reliable flowers. Simply plant, forget, & Wow!

Bulb flowers, advice on how to plant them

Bulbs are planted in fall or in spring depending on when the blooming season is. . Spring-flowering bulbs are planted in fall, and summer-flowering bulbs are planted in spring.

Lily, a majestic flower

Lily is a truly exceptional bulb flower thanks to its blooming and also thanks to its leafage.

Fragrant hyacinths

When forced, they spread their fragrant smell in our houses in winter. After that, spring comes along and they are a pleasure to the senses with their colors and fragrance.

Summer bulbs are an enchantment to the eye

A great many intricate shapes, a beautiful palette of colors, summer bulbs are breathtaking additions to the garden all along this wonderful season and deep into fall.
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Colchicum, a flower to rediscover

Colchicum, or autumn crocus, is a very cute little bulb flower that blooms from the beginning of fall up to the first frost spells.

Bulb flowers that bloom in summer

They provide magnificent flowers over the summer and sometimes even into fall. Summer bulbs are often spectacular and are magnificently ornamental
Top bulbs for summer blooming, like this dahlia.

Must-have bulbs to plant in fall

Fall is without a doubt the best season to plant your bulbs. These are the bulbs that will bloom right at the end of winter, during the following spring or summer. Take note, though, that not all bulbs resist freezing, so here is a list of the must-have bulbs that you can simply leave in […]

Narcissus, a princess among flower bulbs

Narcissus will form magnificent white or yellow-colored spots and enlivens gardens, garden boxes, pot arrangements and more at the beginning of spring. Very often planted, with good reason, by bulb flower lovers, they are also mistaken for daffodils, which are like a big sister to them. Read on to discover the tips to grow and […]