Bulb flowers

Bulb flowers are amazing in that they sprout from scratch, power up their blooms, and are usually very reliable flowers. Simply plant, forget, & Wow!

Yellow iris, yellow and water-bound

Yellow iris is part of the extensive Iridaceae family. It has the highest water needs of all. A few yellow iris facts Name – Iris pseudacorus Family – Iridaceae Type – aquatic plant, rhizome perennial Height – 8 to 36 inches (20 to 90 cm) Exposure – full sun, part sun Soil – ordinary Flowering – January to July depending on the variety Invasive – Invasive in […]
Yellow iris flower, also called marsh iris

Colchicum, a flower to rediscover

Colchicum, or autumn crocus, is a very cute little bulb flower that blooms from the beginning of fall up to the first frost spells.

Spring bulbs for rocky terrain, 6 flowers that rock!

Rocky gravel beds often look a bit drab in winter and at the beginning of springs. Perennials are still dormant, just barely starting to bud. Small spring bulb flowers – be they botanical varieties or more classic ones – have an uncanny ability to thrive in this type of context.
Flowers for spring in rocky soil

10 perfect picks for Spring bulbs

Create a lovely end-of-winter experience thanks to this list of 10 beautiful spring bulbs. Bulbs are among the plants that have a 100% success rate for planting, even for beginner gardeners. All you need to do is plant them in fall, pointy tip upwards, at a depth of 3 times their height. In spring, wonderful, […]
List of the 10 best spring bulbs

Tulip bulbs, how to plant and choose them right

Choosing the right bulb for the tulip plant has been, for some, a quest dating back centuries. The aim? Getting that elusive colorful and abundant blooming! True tulip bulb key facts Botanical name – Tulipa Family – Liliaceae Type – flower bulb, true bulb Planting – September to October Soil – light, sandy, draining, rich […]
Tulip bulbs, how to plant and choose them right

Summer bulbs, an enchantment to the eye

A great many intricate shapes, a beautiful palette of colors, summer bulbs are breathtaking additions to the garden all along this wonderful season and deep into fall.
Bulbs for growing in pots in summer

Tulip planting, basic steps to get a sea of blooms

Planting a tulip is a common operation, both in the garden and in pots. It goes without saying that with the many splendid varieties and its ease of care, it’s one of the most famous and appreciated flower bulbs of all! Make the most of the tulip’s spring blooming by following the planting guide below.
Planting tulips

Can forced hyacinths be planted outdoors? Yes!

Forced hyacinths spread their fragrant smell in our houses even in winter. The early blooming means the plant is spent when spring comes along. Will it survive when planted in the ground? YES!
Indoor hyacinth planted outdoors

Narcissus, daffodil, spring is nigh!

Narcissus is a beautiful bulb flower characterized by its nice yellow color. Daffodil is the common name for one of its species, N. jonquilla, a true Spring beauty!
Bright yellow daffodils with hanging heads.
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