Bulb flowers

Bulb flowers are amazing in that they sprout from scratch, power up their blooms, and are usually very reliable flowers. Simply plant, forget, & Wow!

Colchicum, a flower to rediscover

Colchicum, or autumn crocus, is a very cute little bulb flower that blooms from the beginning of fall up to the first frost spells.

10 perfect picks for Spring bulbs

Bulbs are among the plants that have a 100% success rate for planting, even for beginner gardeners. All you need to do is plant them in fall, pointy tip upwards, at a depth of 3 times their height. In spring, wonderful, vigorous, colorful blooms will sprout from the ground!
List of the 10 best spring bulbs

Summer bulbs are an enchantment to the eye

A great many intricate shapes, a beautiful palette of colors, summer bulbs are breathtaking additions to the garden all along this wonderful season and deep into fall.

Narcissus, daffodil, spring is nigh!

Narcissus is a very beautiful bulb flower characterized by its nice yellow color. Daffodil is the common name for one of its species, N. jonquilla, a true Spring beauty!
Bright yellow daffodils with hanging heads.

Bulb flowers that bloom in summer

They provide magnificent flowers over the summer and sometimes even into fall. Summer bulbs are often spectacular and are magnificently ornamental
Top bulbs for summer blooming, like this dahlia.

Tulip bulbs, how to choose them right

True tulip bulb key facts Botanical name – Tulipa Family – Liliaceae Type – flower bulb, true bulb Planting – September to October Soil – light, sandy, draining, rich Planting distance – 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 cm)
Crate with tulip bulbs

Tulip planting, basic steps to get a sea of blooms

Planting a tulip is a common operation, both in the garden and in pots. It goes without saying that with the many splendid varieties and its ease of care, it’s one of the most famous and appreciated flower bulbs of all!
Planting tulips

Lily, a majestic flower

Lily is a truly exceptional bulb flower thanks to its blooming and also thanks to its leafage.
Lily flower

Bulb flowers, advice on how to plant them

Bulb planting takes place in fall or in spring depending on when the blooming season is. Spring-flowering bulbs are planted in fall and summer-flowering bulbs need planting in spring.
Planting bulbs
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