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The season of tulip bouquets has begun!

Season for tulip bouquet has started

Yes, tulip season has begun! From December to May, we’ll start savoring the beautiful fore bearers of spring. Use these wonderful flowers in a bouquet to decorate your home, for Christmas or Easter for instance. Flowers have a soothing effect that softens the usual hype during feast days.

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A fresh start

Tulip season starts in earnest in December. Up to the month of May, you can often find bright-colored tulip bouquets as a table centerpiece in many homes. It’s a custom that rightfully symbolizes a fresh start: spring! We all get fidgety at the end of winter. A simple tulip bouquet in the house already brings smiles to our faces!

Local sources

Do you like shopping local? If you already shop locally for food, why not also go for tulips grown nearby? Over a billion tulips are grown in nurseries for local consumption. They’re as fresh as can be, meet high standards, and your purchase benefits the local economy directly.

The power of flowers

Flowers have the power to soothe you and help you relax. Feel free to bring a lot of them in the house! Tulip, of course, but also hyacinth, muscari, and anemone. Pure white is a color theme that will match any house decoration. Expand the range with delicate pastel hues, and add on a few natural and soothing pink tones.

Christmas ornaments with tulips

Tulip and hyacinth set up as ornaments in a christmas treeInstead of the typical plastic Christmas ornaments, try a natural alternative out: tulip and hyacinth will excel at creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Prepare small hanging vases, filled with water, that you can hang on branches in your Christmas tree.

Any extra flowers you can set up in a larger vase nearby, together with more anemones or Polianthes.

This will create a true Christmas atmosphere, without reaching the “overstimulation” tipping point.

If you’re up to it, keep your early tulips whole, with their bulb, in a pot. They won’t bloom again in this spring, but in the next, they’ll be ready!

Good to know

  • Did you know that yellow tulip is the most sold color? A particular variety, the “Strong Gold”, is the most famous across the planet.
  • Did you buy tulips only to realize their stems were turning soft? Roll them in a newspaper and dip it in water for a few hours. Bring them out from the bundle and you’ll see them stand upright again!
  • What about pairing tulips and daffodils together in a vase? Beforehand, keep your daffodils in a vase on their own: this removes unwanted mucus from their stems. After that, change the water and arrange them in the same vase together.
  • The tulip owes its name to a special type of hat: the turban. At the beginning, Tulipa, which means “turban”, was the name given to the flower.

All in all, a great way to introduce the Christmas spirit in the house, while helping you and your family relax.

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