Bulbs, our original ideas to showcase them

Original ideas to showcase potted bulb flowers

Bulbs are fabulous to spruce up gardens, especially if they’re set up in fun containers. Have fun inventing your own!

Unlocking your imagination is the key to showcase your bulbs. The only rule: drill holes in your containers to ensure that their soil drains well and thus avoid rotting. Here are a few tips to unleash new ideas!

Bulbs in the garden

At the foot of a tree: daffodils and narcissus are perfect to flower and brighten up down to the merest square inch of soil: great in urban settings, for sure!

Two old cooking pots with daffodils in themIn a wheelbarrow: great idea to pair tulip, white narcissus and grape hyacinth! In a fuchsia pink wheelbarrow, the arrangement stands out even more. A nice way to twist this typical gardener’s tool.

On a table, in designer garden boxes: two round zinc garden pots will match their dozens of daffodil bulbs amazingly. This answers the very flashy yellow-black trend.

Set your elegant garden boxes directly in the garden: arum and grape hyacinth build on white, romantic containers which are easy to carry thanks to their handles.

On the deck or terrace

Wicker baskets with bulb muscari flowersIn a vintage woven basket, eco-recycling spirit guaranteed for this composition including grape hyacinth, tulip and hyacinth. Easy to move around, too, on the porch or in the house. In a modern woven basket: re-interpret the essence of basketdom with a plantation of narcissus. Easy and nice! Designer XL pots: these buttercups are absolutely magnified thanks to this gigantic polypropylene pot holder that matches the color of the flowers perfectly. A movable garden. In several designer pots: keep matching the color of the flower to the color of the pot holder, and plunk them all around the deck. With potted tulip along the floor, hanging grape hyacinths, and such ideas, your balconies and terraces start feeling like a day in the country!

Bulbs in the house

Landscaping with bulb flowers in containers is uniqueIn a large pot arrangement: like a tiny field of tulip and hyacinth, this giga-flower composition is a dream come true!

Magnificent as a table center, in the corner of the living room or to welcome guests at the main door. Why not in your room? Terrariums and single-flowers: grape hyacinth and hyacinth will be highlighted in simple jars and other small glass containers. Set them left and right, near windows, to give your home a pastoral touch. Collector version: on a shelf or rolling cabinet, multiple containers set near each other will let you mix greens and bulbs (crocus, hyacinth, narcissus) and expose these natural jewels. The more, the merrier!

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

Image credits: iBulb