Animal care

German Shepherd: an intelligent dog fit for varied work

The German Shepherd wins hearts as a highly adaptable dog. It excels in roles ranging from guardian and military helper to tracker and companion, even dabbling succefully in acting. This smart dog can switch roles with ease.
German shepherd breed

Canicross: the ultimate running adventure with your dog

Canicross is a stellar way to share your running passion with your furry friend. Whether you’re looking for a way to stay fit, spend quality time with your pet, or compete, it’s got you covered. However, this endurance sport requires specific gear and prior prep. And keep in mind: not every breed is cut out […]

Chihuahua, tiny dog with a HUGE personality

With a weight ranging from 1 pounds (500 grams) to 6½ pounds (3 kilograms), Chihuahua holds the title of smallest dog in the world. That doesn’t stop this little package from being stubborn, confident, and bursting with a big personality. Yet, thanks to its intelligence and unwavering loyalty to its owner, it fits into any […]

Cute and generous, the common honeybee

These days, the domesticated honeybee often makes the news for sad reasons: populations are dwindling and environmental consequences are dire. Indeed, an individual honeybee is able to pollinate over 700 flowers an hour. This extraordinary performance makes it a precious ally in the vegetable patch and orchard.
honey bee

Dog vaccination debunk: is it really the best for your pet?

Still on the fence about getting your dog vaccinated? Let’s debunk some misconceptions and discuss vaccination coverage. A vaccine contains disease-causing agents (alive or incomplete). When it’s shot into your pet, their immune system springs to action.
Dog vaccination

Kennel cough, a major risk for dogs

A dry, hoarse cough with attempts to cough up and vomit often points to kennel cough in dogs. Highly contagious among groups, this illness demands special attention in puppies, elderly, or weakened dogs. Why? Their immune system can’t cope with the infectious onslaught.
Kennel cough

Why does my cat have whiskers?

Primarily found on a cat’s snout, under its chin, above its eyes, and behind its legs, cat whiskers serve as top-notch sensory receptors.
Vibrissae, cat whiskers

Idiopathic epilepsy in dogs: causes, symptoms, and how to treat it

Dog epilepsy can give its owner a real fright. Imagine your little furball exhibiting strange and scary symptoms, seemingly out of nowhere! This neural nightmare is often a result of genetics, specifically idiopathic epilepsy. It happens when there’s a bizarre electrical discharge in a part of the dog’s brain, leading to convulsions. These spasms can […]
Dog suffering a seizure

French bulldog, a playful companion for apartments

A playful little clown and a real emotional sponge, the French bulldog is a small, easygoing breed that suits most people. Rarely a barker, lover of naps, with only a moderate need for exercise, it’s the perfect companion for apartment living.
French bulldog

Tick, a host of dangerous diseases for dogs

Ticks attach to your dog’s fur during outings in forests, parks, and garden. They are particularly active between 32°F and 68°F (between 0°C and 20°C). Ticks plant their rostrum on warm and moist parts of your pet’s skin to feed on blood. Through the tick’s bite, many severe and sometimes fatal diseases infect our pets.
Dangers of ticks for dogs

Toad in the garden? Yay!

Ok, let’s be honest – the toad doesn’t really have a good reputation in all our folklore and legends. It’s, to say the least, not very handsome, and often appears in stories as an evildoer’s acolyte… remember those witch brews calling for a few toad’s warts…
Toad in a barrel
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