Garden Flowers

All the flowers you can imagine are grouped here for you to discover exactly the flower that will match your landscaping ambitions. Take a look around!

Thistle, a prickly perennial!

Thistle is actually a generic name that includes many different perennials which have flowers that are addicted to needles!
Thistle flower

Hosta, hardy and abundant

We celebrate hosta for its ornamental foliage with strong veins, often colored, that can be opulent or elegant depending on the variety.
varieties of hosta

Oenothera, a beautiful, simple evening primrose

Oenothera, or evening primrose, is a beautiful wild-looking flower. Key Oenothera facts Name: Oenothera Common: evening primrose Family: Onagraceae Type: flower, perennial Height: ½ foot to 3 feet 3 inches (15 cm to 1 m) depending on species Exposure: sunny Soil: light, well-drained  –  Blooming: June to September → Note: not related to common primrose, […]
Evening primrose

Daylily, easy and spectacular

Daylily is a beautiful perennial that belongs to the Liliaceae or lily family. It blooms in a wide range of colorful flowers.
Daylily is easy to grow

Sunpatiens seeds, cuttings and propagation – what’s allowed and what’s not

Sunpatiens is a plant that has been patented and trademarked. This means it’s forbidden to propagate it without permission. This status refers to cuttings, but seeds aren’t impacted. Sakata Seed Corporation is the current owner. It alone authorizes greenhouses and growers to prepare and propagate Sunpatiens flower cuttings. Seeds may appear spontaneously on a Sunpatiens; […]
Propagating sunpatiens seeds and cuttings

Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar periwinkle is a herbaceous plant native to the island of which it bears the name.
Madagascar periwinkle

Marsh calla, a beautiful arum-like flower for wet terrain

Marsh arum Calla palustris shines in the shade, producing lovely aquatic flowers. Key Marsh calla facts: Name: Calla palustris Common: water arum, marsh calla Family: araceae Type: perennial aquatic plant Height: 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm) Exposure: shade or bright Soil: wet, aquatic, soggy Foliage: deciduous  –  Flowering: spring, summer Hailing from […]
Calla palustris

Astilbe, a beautiful perennial: landscaping ideas

Astilbe is a perennial plant that calls mountain terrain, ravines, and forests of Asia and North America home. There are a great many different species for us to use in landscaping, resulting from patient crossbreeding giving rise to hundreds of hybrids.
Astilbe landscaping uses

Liriope muscari, the lily turf flower

Liriope muscari, or lily turf, is a grass-like mound with purple blooms. Liriope muscari Key facts: Latin name: Liriope muscari, Liriope platyphylla Family: Liliacea Type: perennial, evergreen Shape: arched clumps Height: 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm) Plant density: 7 to 8 plants per 10.8 square feet (7 to 8 plants per m²) […]
Liriope muscari, the lily turf flower
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