Best practices while pruning

Pruning is tantamount to surgery for trees and shrubs. You’ll want to protect them from diseases by ensuring it’s performed perfectly. This video will share how to prepare your pruning tools in just a few minutes. Read more ►

Pruning wisteria, the Smart Tip Tutorial (+video)

Wisteria is a mystery; the more it’s hurt the more flowers it bears. Luckily us humans don’t work that way, because thanks to this Smart Tip Tutorial, learning how to prune wisteria is really easy! Season, tools, technique and guidelines, old wood: it’s all in these neat two minutes. Read more ►

Best way to plant a tree or shrub, a 2-min video

The planting of a tree or shrub is the most important step in its entire life and proceeding well is easy for it to grow nicely. In this 2 minute video, you’ll discover the key points to watch out for: location and exposure, planting depth, precautions and mistakes to avoid, and smart tips to give […]

How to prune bush roses

Bush roses are actually roses which are submitted to a particular type of rose pruning that shapes them like a bush. To make them stand upright and produce flowers evenly throughout the bush, the guidelines in this Smart Tip Tutorial will prove invaluable! Read more ►

How to repot an orchid to a new pot

Orchids are very delicate plants and when they’re not in their native environment they’re even more fragile. This quick video will walk you through choosing a new pot, timing the repotting perfectly, and will share smart tips on soil mix and technique for your orchid to bloom back once ready. Read more ►

Pruning hydrangea, a 2 minute video with key steps

Blue, pink and all colors in between – if you want flowers next year, this video will show you how to prune hydrangea right. Get it wrong and you might cut flower buds off! Timing, technique and how to maintain the beautiful million-flower plant. Read more ►

How to grow radish

Smart Tip Tutorial on how to grow radish. These vegetables grow fast, but this video is faster! All you need to know to plant these pink and white bites: season, seeds, watering, spacing… Learn more ►

Espalier training for apple and pear (2-minute video)

Apple and pear trees are regularly pruned to promote fruit-bearing. Did you know that shapes like palmette or espalier are more adapted to trees planted along a line or set against a wall? Here is a video on how to easily prune orchard fruit trees into palmette or espalier. Read more ►

Pruning lavender, a 2-minute video

Lavender is a plant that blooms magnificently when the plant is well trimmed so that the best flowers and fragrance appear. This quick, fun video will explain how to trim and when to do it, with tools and calendar, to avoid useless old wood. Read more about trimming lavender ►

Ficus tree repotting, 2-minute walk-through

Is your ficus hinting it’s in a tight fit? Time to repot! This short video will make things so easy for you (and your dear ficus). Procedure, pot, soil mix, watering and special tips, you’ll be all set and your indoor plant will enjoy the attention! Read more ►

Growing squash and gourds easy tutorial – pumpkins, too!

Squash and pumpkins are excellent produce that keep for long in winter if grown properly. This Smart Tip Tutorial is key to learning how easy it is to plant squash successfully for your entire family and neighbors or selling at the market. Season, pests, diseases, spacing, mildew. Learn more ►

Tomato growing Smart Tip Tutorial – a 2-minute video guide

A few minutes is all you need to learn how to grow ripe, tasty, amazing tomatoes. Beautiful tomato fruits will come easy after watching this tutorial showing the season, sowing, watering, staking, pinching to spur fruit-bearing and diseases and harvest. Read more ►

Growing and restraining bamboo, a 2-minute video

Bamboo is a mesmerizing plant. It makes every garden stand out with a special tropical Asian touch. Planting bamboo is easy after you’ve watched this short but detailed video on how to contain its spread. Read more ►

Grow lots of leek, a 2-minute tutorial video

Leek is a vegetable that grows well in cooler climates. Sowing and transplanting it at just the right time is crucial if you want to have a nice harvest. It’ll make for great leek quiche! This video will do just the trick by teaching and showing you how to grow leek, in under three minutes! […]

Pruning kiwi to increase harvests, a 2 minute video

Actinidia is the sweet scientific name of the kiwi plant, but pruning and caring for isn’t nearly as complicated with this simple easy video that shows when to prune, how to go about it and how long and short to cut. Read more ►

Prune repeat-blooming climbing roses in 2 minutes

Climbing roses are superb when attached to a lattice, but this video will show you how important it is to prune these magnificent rose trees well. They’ll bloom against their backdrop beautifully once you’ve learned how to snip and where to cut and tie the stems. Remove old wood and favor new shoots. Read more […]

Pruning English roses, video recap’ (2 minutes)

English roses, sometimes called heirloom roses or old roses are magnificent, and pruning is what keeps them so. An expert shares the tips and tricks on pruning these special fragrant roses in just a couple minutes, so you’ll waste no time getting down to business on making the world (and your garden) a more beautiful […]

Annual flower sowing, growing & care, 2-minute video

Annual flowers bring joy as one can follow every step of their life cycle. Learn when to plant them, how to care and water them, and follow your annual flowers up until they bring about seeds for yet another circle of life. Examples of annual flowers are nasturtium, cosmos and sweet alyssum, among many, many […]

Artichokes grown easily

Artichokes are delicious vegetables that are also very ornamental. Growing them requires know-how you can get by watching this short lively video. Read more ►

How to grow beans in 3 minutes

Beans are delicious when freshly harvested from the garden, and with this snappy happy video you’ll have your beans growing in no time! Works for all kinds of pole beans (broad bean, snap bean…) Read more ►

Repotting a prickly cactus

Zounds do those spikes hurt! Coyote and Roadrunner would have loved watching this video that shows how to repot a cactus without prickling your fingers! Pot size, soil mix, and special trick to go about safely repotting your cactus. Works great for Mammillaria and other cactus (flowering or not). Read more ►

Growing beautiful carrots easily (+video)

Carrots are a favorite of any gardener, but if it’s the first time you’re planting them, this video will make it as easy as pie. Those orange, yellow or purple (yes, all those colors) carrot sticks will soon be in your plate. Season, timing, spacing, sowing. Read more ►

Bountiful bell pepper

Bell peppers are among the crunchiest of vegetables when eaten raw. Chili is the same species, too. Watching this short, colorful video will take a bite out of any difficulties to make growing them very easy! Read more ►

Preparing geranium cuttings

Geraniums are among the easiest plants to multiply, and cuttings are the way to go. This video will help you reach a high success rate for this easy step-by-step guideline. Read more ►

Tutorial on pruning hybrid tea roses

Hybrid tea roses are special roses that are larger and form a wide variety of colors and fragrances. Their pruning is always the same, and this instructional but fun video is a great tutorial full of smart tips! Read more ►

Get your hedge right with a 2 minute video

Hedges are now an important part of landscaping, and getting them right will come naturally after taking a look at this short video. This short hedge hack explains everything about spacing, varieties, how to position the plants and when to proceed. Read more ►

How to prune a blackberry shrub

Blackberry shrubs are easy to harvest and maintain if they’re pruned well. This video shows how to get it done with a few smart tips to reduce thorns and get bountiful luscious blackberries. Layering, season, timing: Learn more ►

How to grow lettuce and salad

Learn how to sow, grow and harvest lettuce with this informative short video. You’ll want to pull out the rake from the shed and get to work in no time! Timing, season, spacing, sowing seeds and smart tips to harvest whole heads or individual leaves. Read more ►

How to grow onions from bulbs

Onion is among the easiest vegetables to grow and when you start from small dry bulbs it will quickly grow fat and spicy. This video explains everything you need to know about the dry bulb technique. Read more ►

Pruning an apple tree or pear tree

These kings of the orchard deserve a knowing hand when it comes to pruning apple and pear trees to increase harvest, keep diseases away and produce high-quality fruits. This peppy and instructive short video will make you an expert! Read more ►

Planting perennial flowers and tending to them

Perennial flowers are a source of endless joy: not only is planting them and discovering their first bloom enjoyable, but seeing them bloom year after year without any effort is a joy that anticipation makes even more pleasurable! This video shows how to plant them for each perennial flower to get a great head start […]

Preparing Rose tree cuttings

Ah, the joy of giving! A rose tree can easily be propagated, all the more that you’ll have taken a look at our great rose cutting tutorial. In a few minutes you’ll have grasped the easy key to preparing cuttings from your favorite rose plant. High success rate and other Smart Tips you’ll find in […]

Raspberry plants, how to prune them

This tutorial is full of smart tips on how to grow raspberries. The quick tempo will tell you all the steps to produce raspberries and pruning the plant well. Bon appetit! Learn more ►

Transferring a bonsai to a new pot

Your bonsai survives with a delicate balance of soil, air and water. Repotting it is a crucial step and is quite easy if you follow this video. Watering, soil mix, season and timing are presented. Read more ►

Repotting basil for it to grow larger

Basil will easily grow in a pot on your windowsill after taking a look at this short useful video. Repot this herb for a flavorful addition to salads, grills and Italian food: pizza, pasta, pesto and the like! Read more ►

Growing strawberries, a Smart Tip Tutorial

Strawberries are exciting to grow with children and this Smart Tip Tutorial is child’s play to follow, fun included! An easy way to get the strawberry bed up and rolling, rolling out nice strawberries, that is! Soil preparation, runners and protecting the fruits from slugs. Read more ►

Zucchini growing tutorial – Smart Tips (+ video)

This Smart Tip Tutorial on growing zucchini is what you need to start from scratch for beginners, that’s how easy it is. Tools, timing, season, seeds, sowing, positioning, preparing the soil, pinching stems, selecting fruiting branches, harvest, all this is covered and more in a dense but lively 2 minutes! Read more ►

A video on growing eggplant

Eggplant are annual plants in colder climates and this video will help you start at just the right time. Even if you’re in a warm climate zone where it survives as a perennial you’ll still learn a lot about the adequate spacing, soil mix and technique. Read more ►
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