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Ivy geranium, growing and caring for it

Ivy-leaf geranium in a pot with a stunning red flower

Ivy geranium is an incredibly ornamental plant.

Important ivy geranium facts

NamePelargonium peltatum
Family – Geraniaceae
Type – perennial

 – 12 to 32 inches (30 to 80 cm)
Exposure – full sun
Soil – well-drained

 – deciduous
Flowering – May to October

Its growing and care are easy and lead to beautiful flowers. On a balcony, terrace or in a garden, its ornamental contribution guaranteed.

Planting ivy geranium

Ivy-leafed geranium isn’t a climbing vine, which is surprising when one thinks about its name.

Don’t even try to have the plant climb along a lattice.

Planting ivy geranium

In pots or containers, you can plant as early as March in your garden boxes but you’ll have to bring them indoors if it freezes.

If planting in the garden directly, wait for end of April to earth them and add special geranium soil mix to the soil.

  • Keep a distance of 32 inches (30 cm) between plants.

Propagating ivy geranium

This plant is very easy to propagate through cuttings or through sowing under shelter.
Work on the cuttings starts at the end of summer by snipping off stem cuttings from the mother plants.

For varieties that are propagated through seed sowing, start in February.

Pruning ivy geranium

Remove wilted flowers regularly, since this increases production of new flowers.

At the end of the season, you can cut back shorter in order to balance out the shape and silhouette of your ivy geranium.

Watering ivy geranium

Water abundantly but check and wait for the soil to be dry before watering again.

Excess water could lead the roots to rotting or the leaves could turn yellow.

How to keep ivy geranium in winter

Ivy geranium can keep from one year to the next, but regrowth isn’t guaranteed, unlike conventional geraniums.

At the season’s end, if they are in pots or garden boxes:

  • Prune your ivy geranium back to ⅔ their original length.
  • Place them in a shed out of the cold and reduce the watering.
  • In winter, watering once a month is enough.


Learn more about ivy geranium

Although geranium is famous and appears in most of our gardens and windowsills, ivy geranium is much less common but just as magnificent.

Its ornamental impact is very much sought after, especially in garden boxes and large pot arrangements.
Indeed, you can let it cascade down and run along the ground or hang it to a ramp.

Its wide array of available colors and shapes will match every taste!

Caring for it stays easy, and the fabulous blooming will enchant you for the greater part of the summer season.

Smart tip about ivy geranium

Avoid scorching sun for the exposure.
Adding organic fertilizer in spring will enhance its bloom.

Credits for images shared to Nature & Garden (all edits by Gaspard Lorthiois):
Red flowers with thick ivy-like leaves by Józef Babij under © CC BY-SA 2.0
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