It isn’t difficult to predict which flowers are happiest in a windowsill planter: geranium!

Surround your roses with companions

Being the ultimate in flowerdom, roses can be paired with many plant species, and each pairing creates unique harmonious ensembles. Choose your pick!
Roses deserve many companions such as these grasses

Preparing geranium cuttings

Geraniums are among the easiest plants to multiply, and cuttings are the way to go. This video will help you reach a high success rate for this easy step-by-step guideline. Read more โ–บ

Blooming Summer Garden Boxes

Don’t know what to plant in your garden boxes in Summer? Perennials and annuals, take a look at our summer container plant insights as a source of new inspiration.
Summer garden box planting arrangement ideas

A potted garden on a terrace with containers

On a deck, terrace or balcony, it is easy to set up a container garden in pots for every season. Plant a series of garden box flowers that will bloom one after the other. Read also: Fruit trees for balconies, decks and terraces Potted plants, the tips to succeed in growing them Drought resistant pot […]
Ideas to decorate a terrace with container plants in pots

Rediscover true geraniums

Never get confused again between geraniums and pelargoniums! Most of the time, we call “geraniums” plants that actually belong to the genus Pelargonium.
Geranium and pelargonium together
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