Geranium, how to care for it

Geranium is an enchantment in the garden and on the deck all summer long.

Main Geranium facts

Name geranium or pelargonium
Family Geraniaceae
Type perennial

Height 8 inches (20 cm) to 3 feet (1 meter)
full sun
ordinary, enriched with soil mix
April to October

Planting and repotting, care and pruning will help you increase the blooming considerably.

Planting geranium

  • In garden boxes

You may plant geranium as early as March and April in areas having mild climates, but you’ll have to bring it indoors if it freezes.

If you don’t want to take any risk, wait for the frost spells to weaken before bringing it out, towards the month of May.

When planting in garden boxes, use soil mix, preferably a type designed for geraniums specifically.

  • Directly in the ground in your garden

Wait for the end of April or even mid-May in regions further North before setting it in place, and add geranium-specific growing medium to your earth.

Space plants 32 inches (30 cm) apart.

  • Propagating geranium

This plant is very easy to propagate through cuttings or through sowing under shelter.

Work on the cuttings will start at the end of summer by snipping off stem cuttings from the mother plant, or in spring as the vegetation phase takes off.

Find our guidelines on preparing geranium cuttings

Start in February for the varieties that are propagated through sowing.

Pruning and caring for geranium

  • It doesn’t need any pruning.
  • Remove wilted flowers regularly because the needlessly drain resources from the geranium.
  • Yellowing leaves are very common on geraniums, simply remove them as they appear.
    Take care though, this may be connected to excess water. If many leaves turn yellow, wait for the soil to dry up before watering again with organic fertilizer.

How to grow beautiful geranium flowers

Geranium fertilizer is particularly recommended for this plant if you wish to increase the blooming.

Also remember to water regularly, especially if it is set in full sun, because geranium requires a lot of water.

Winterizing: keeping the geranium safe in winter

geranium_winterMost everybody is aware that a geranium can’t resist freezing and must be brought indoors at the first sign of freezing.

Leaving it outdoors in its pot, garden box or in the ground over winter will certainly not lead it to grow back in the following spring, unless it never freezes in your area.

You must thus absolutely keep it in a cool and ventilated space that is guarded against freezing.
This guarantees that your geranium is properly winterized.

You may avail of either of 2 options:

  1. For potted geraniums in garden boxes or pots
    – Bring the garden boxes in a cool, dry and well-lit space before the first frost spells.
    – The ideal preservation temperature ranges from 40°F to 50°F (10°C to 15°C).
    Cut the stems back by about ⅔.
    Reduce watering and even stop watering altogether during the coldest winter months.
    – Resume watering a bit at a time starting in February-March and bring the garden boxes back outdoors in spring.
    This is the perfect time to repot the geranium in fresh, new soil mix just before bringing them back out.
  2. For geraniums planted in the ground
    Pull the geraniums out before the first frosts hit.
    Snip off the tips of the roots and prune the branches to ⅔rds their length.
    Store them in a cool and well-lit place until spring comes.
    – In spring, plant them back in the ground in a blend of soil mix and earth.

Learn more about geranium

Geranium, which we should actually call pelargonium, is famous since it flowers in many of our gardens, and often appears in garden boxes on windowsills, balconies and terraces.

Very common and very ornamental in our countries, this flower with 5 petals will beckon from the beginning of spring until the first frost spells.

There are over 200 species and varieties of geraniums; caring for them is always the same and each will give you the same level of enjoyment.

Special tip about geranium

To increase blooming, provide special geranium organic liquid fertilizer at the beginning of spring and renew this application at the beginning of summer.