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All the flowers you can imagine are grouped here for you to discover exactly the flower that will match your landscaping ambitions. Take a look around!

Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar periwinkle is a herbaceous plant native to the island of which it bears the name.
Madagascar periwinkle

Marsh calla, a beautiful arum-like flower for wet terrain

Marsh arum Calla palustris shines in the shade, producing lovely aquatic flowers. Key Marsh calla facts: Name: Calla palustris Common: water arum, marsh calla Family: araceae Type: perennial aquatic plant Height: 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm) Exposure: shade or bright Soil: wet, aquatic, soggy Foliage: deciduous  –  Flowering: spring, summer Hailing from […]
Calla palustris

Astilbe, a beautiful perennial: landscaping ideas

Astilbe is a perennial plant that calls mountain terrain, ravines, and forests of Asia and North America home. There are a great many different species for us to use in landscaping, resulting from patient crossbreeding giving rise to hundreds of hybrids.
Astilbe landscaping uses

Liriope muscari, the lily turf flower

Liriope muscari, or lily turf, is a grass-like mound with purple blooms. Liriope muscari Key facts: Latin name: Liriope muscari, Liriope platyphylla Family: Liliacea Type: perennial, evergreen Shape: arched clumps Height: 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm) Plant density: 7 to 8 plants per 10.8 square feet (7 to 8 plants per m²) […]
Liriope muscari, the lily turf flower

A pansy for each season…

Not so easy to have a flowered garden in winter, is it? Pansy will do the trick. It can open up in full bloom in spring, in summer, and fall, too…
Pansy for every season

Rediscover true geraniums

Most of the time, plants we call “geraniums” plants actually belong to the genus Pelargonium.

Comfrey, a multi-purpose powerhouse plant

Comfrey is a versatile plant that has many uses in the garden. Comfrey key facts: Latin Name: Symphitum sp. Common Name: Comfrey Family: Boraginaceae Type: perennial Height: 1 to 4 feet (30 cm to 1.20 m), depending on species Planting Density: 6 to 8 plants for 10 square feet (1 m²) Exposure: preferably semi-shaded Soil: […]

Marshmallow, a cute medicinal flower

Medicinal marshmallow, or Althaea officinalis, is both grown as a medicinal herb for its therapeutic properties and as an ornamental plant since its flowers are so cute.
Althaea officinalis, marshmallow

Rhodanthe, superb for dry flowers

Rhodanthe is a pretty little annual that blooms from spring and until the first frosts, offering magnificent pink inflorescences with a yellow center.

Grahamii sage, a perfect score

Everything in it is subtle: small delicate flowers, light fragrance, rounded leaves, airy bush bearing, and it brings poetry to the mind when added to the bouquets you can prepare from it: grahamii sage will stay with you until the first frosts of the season.
Grahamii sage, discover it

Summer bulbs, an enchantment to the eye

A great many intricate shapes, a beautiful palette of colors, summer bulbs are breathtaking additions to the garden all along this wonderful season and deep into fall.
Bulbs for growing in pots in summer

Pansies for the garden

Here is a small hardy plant that is easy to grow and that offers a great many different uses.
Pansy, a beautiful garden flower

Flowerbeds that are easy to care for

Make sure your flower beds keep beautifying your garden for as long as possible with minimal maintenance: take necessary precautions from the start.
Easy care flowerbeds

Green hellebore species and varieties, quiet garden beauties

Hellebore flowers are usually white, pink or violet. But there are a lovely green ones, too! Green hellebore, key facts Botanical name – Helleborus viridis Common name – green hellebore Family – Ranunculaceae Type – perennial herbaceous flower
Green hellebore species
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