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Platycodon, a flower that balloons as it blooms!


Platycodon, also called balloon flower, is a beautiful herbaceous perennial, well-known for its long-lasting and abundant blooming.

Key Platycodon facts to remember

Name – Platycodon grandiflorus
Family – Campanulaceae
Type – perennial

Height – 8 to 24 inches (20 to 60 cm)
Exposure – full sun or part shade
Soil – rather rich and light
Flowering – June to September

Planting platycodon grandiflorus

Platycodon should be planted in spring in a spot that gets quite a lot of sun, though part sun is also enough if you live in warmer areas in the South.

  • Planting your platycodon simply requires a few considerationsFavor an emplacement that is richly endowed with sunlight, but that doesn’t get scorching hot.
  • Part sun is preferable if you live in the South.
  • Platycodon likes well drained soil.
  • For potted platycodon, select a flower plant soil mix.

Propagation is through clump division in spring, and you can also sow seeds at the same time.

Caring for platycodon

Proper care for platycodon will lead to abundant bloomingTo boost flower-bearing, if you wish, eliminate wilted flowers regularly.

Platycodon is very easy to care for: it doesn’t require any other care than that!

Watering Platycodon:

In a pot, it’s important to water often, because the soil around your potted platycodon always dries out faster than if it were planted in the ground.

If in the ground, regular watering after the planting will help the plant grow, but as time passes this chore will become less and less necessary.


Good to know about Platycodon

Watering, for platycodon, is only necessary at the beginningA very beautiful perennial plant native to Asia, Platycodon offers its most stunning blooms in July and August.

This easy-to-grow plant also has the advantage of resisting both cold weather and intense heat waves.

A very hardy grower, it resists most diseases very well: this increases the appeal for gardeners who prefer easy plants.

Smart tip about platycodon

Stake varieties that have longs stems, otherwise your platycodon will fall over in foul weather if it’s windy and there’s lots of rain.

Image credits (edits Gaspard Lorthiois):
Pixabay: Manseok Kim, Annette Meyer, Birgit, Werner Satzger
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