9 purple flowers for a mysterious enchanted garden

Purple-flowered plants for the garden

Purple flowers often look great with white flowers to create a mysterious, elegant and modern garden.

Shrubs, climbing plants and perennials, here is our selection of violet-blooming plants for your outdoor garden. Discover:

3 purple-flowered shrubs


  • Abutilon, a purple-flowered shrubVariety: Abutilon suntense ‘Violetta’
  • Blooming: large violet flowers forming elegant cups from end of May to June.
  • Leafage: evergreen green-gray leaves with 2 to 5 tooth-edged lobes.
  • Planting: from March to Mayor from September to October.
  • Placing: only for mild climate regions. Suitable for flower beds, edges, or as a standalone.

Hardy down to 20-25°F (-5°C), this is best grown in pots to bring indoors for Winter wherever the climate is cold.


  • Callicarpa berries are also purpleVariety: Callicarpa bodinieri ‘Imperial Pearl’
  • Fruit: Fruits are what’s showy for this plant, not flowers! Bears beautiful clumps of tiny purple pearls from October to January.
  • Leafage: deciduous deep green oval leaves with fuzz on the underside. In Fall, leaves turn yellow to purple in color, shifting through red and orange.
  • Planting: from March to May or from September to November.
  • Location: hardy down to 5°F (-5° Celsius), Callicarpa looks great as part of a mixed hedge, a standalone, in shrub beds and even containers.

Hibiscus syriacus

  • Variety: ‘French Cabaret Purple’
  • Blooming: violet double-flowered pompoms that seems crumple up from August to October.
  • Leafage: deciduous deep green leaves with three lobes, typical of most Hibiscus species.
  • Planting: from February to May or from September to November.
  • Location: ideal for shrub beds, containers, and for shaping into eye-catching hedges. Find a place that drains very well with soft soil, either in full or part sun.

3 climbing vines with purple flowers


  • Variety: Clematis x viticella ‘Supernight’
  • Blooming: simple violet flowers with a deeper-colored streak along the center of each petal. Blooming from June to September.
  • Leafage: deciduous trifoliate elliptical leaves, deep green in color.
  • Planting: from March to May or in September-October.
  • Location: along a wall, a pergola, a barrel or treillis.

Clematis loves having its head in full sun and its feet in cool shade in moist, rich and well-draining soil.


  • Variety: Wisteria sinensis
  • Blooming: large hanging fragrant panicles that range from violet to indigo in color, in April.
  • Leafage: deciduous leaves with oval leaflets along a stem (the petiole).
  • Planting: from February to April or from September to November.
  • Location: atop a wall, pergola, barrel composition or treillis. Place it in the sun, with well-draining soil that is lightly acidic. Avoid chalky soil.


  • Solanum flowers can be purple depending on the speciesVariety: Solanum dulcamara
  • Blooming: fronds with small star-like purple flowers that appear from June to September.
  • Leafage: deciduous leaves with three green lobes.
  • Planting: from March to May or, again, in October-November.
  • Location: stems twist around any type of fence or lattice. Also good for shrub beds or to run along other hedge trees.

3 violet-flowered perennials


  • Variety: Lavandula angustifolia
  • Blooming: perfume-like smelling fronds of flowers that bees love, presented atop a long gray-green stem.
  • Leafage: small, narrow leaves that are also very fragrant. Evergreen, and gray-green in color.
  • Planting: from April to June or in September-October.
  • Location: flower beds, pots, to form edges or to populate a rock garden. Soil should be light, poor, well-drained and in full sun.


  • Purple sensation is a garlic variety that is very purpleVariety: ‘Purple Sensation’
  • Blooming: firework-like umbels where each streak ends with a tiny purple star-shaped flower.
  • Leafage: clump of soft green straight leaves.
  • Planting: plant the bulbs anytime from end of September to end of November.
  • Location: full sun, in draining soil that is more on the dry side. Ornamental garlic is always a stunner in flower beds, rocky terrain and in pots.


  • Variety: Campanula muralis
  • Blooming: from May to July, thousands of tiny star-shaped bells create purple cushions you just want to lay your head down on!
  • Leafage: small green evergreen leaves, a bit fuzzy and serrated along the edges.
  • Planting: February to May or September to November.
  • Location: edges, rocky terrain, forest undergrowth, ground cover, seaside, pot. Bellflower loves sun and properly draining soil, even if dry.

Image credits (edits Gaspard Lorthiois):
CC BY 2.0: David Hodgson
CC BY-SA 2.0: Joshua Mayer, Kerry Garratt