Stonecrop, Sedum spectabile

Stonecrop bloom shaped like an umbel with pink-rimmed white flowers.

A cute succulent that grows on its own, Stonecrop will grant you wonderful blooms when the temperature rises

And the bees love, it, too!

Stonecrop key facts

Name – Sedum spectabile
Family – Crassulaceae
Type – perennial, succulent

Height – 1 ½ feet (50 cm)
Exposure – full sun or part shade
Soil – ordinary

Foliage – deciduous
Flowering – August to October

Planting stonecrop, Sedum spectabile

Indifferently from spring to fall.

Propagation is through crown division in spring.

Pruning stonecrop, Sedum spectabile

Cut back in spring to trigger the next season’s blooming.

Comments about stonecrop, Sedum spectabile

Stonecrop is one of the most common Sedum species and will feel right at home in any type of climate or soil.
This easy-to-care-for plant is well suited to both arid and moist soils.

It is perfect for growing along edges, walkways, and in flower beds or pots to decorate a terrace or a balcony.

Smart tip about stonecrop, Sedum spectabile

If you love butterflies, plant stonecrop because those insects are attracted to it!

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Sedum spectabile flower by Petra Göschel ★ under Pixabay license