Stonecrop, Sedum spectabile, a fabulous autumn show

Stonecrop, sedum spectabile

Stonecrop will grant you wonderful blooms when the temperature rises in summer and fall.

Stonecrop key facts:

NameSedum spectabile
Type – perennial, succulent

Height – 1 ½ feet (50 cm)
Exposure – full sun or part shade
Soil: – ordinary

Foliage: deciduous  –  Flowering: August to October

It requires – in truth!– no care at all. Bees love, it, too!

Planting stonecrop, Sedum spectabile

How to plant sedum spectabileIndifferently from spring to fall, this stonecrop will take root in any season.

  • Sedum isn’t very sensitive to soil type, but it’s important to protect it from excess water. Not good at all for gardens that are often flooded.
  • It loves full sun and isn’t afraid of scorching heat.
  • Adding soil mix to the ground when planting will spur growth and blooming

Stonecrop in a pot, garden box or container:

This is perfect for container growing.

  • Use soil mix
  • Make sure the pot has a hole at the bottom for water to drain away properly.
  • Water when you notice that soil has dried out.
  • Repot preferably in spring or fall, but it can go for years without repotting or changing pot.

Propagating stonecrop:

This type of Sedum is best multiplied through clump division at the beginning of spring (March), or by preparing stem cuttings in fall after the blooming is over.

Pruning stonecrop, Sedum spectabile

A very easy flower to grow and care for, Sedum spectabile doesn’t require any care at all once it’s properly settled in.

A few tips to increase growth and blooming, if you’re so inclined (this works with all Sedum species):

  • water more during growth phases, but stop watering nearly completely in other seasons.

Should you prune stonecrop?

Cut back in spring to trigger the next season’s blooming.

Learn more about stonecrop, Sedum spectabile

Stonecrop is one of the most common Sedum species and will feel right at home in any type of climate or soil.

Stonecrop sedum spectabileThis easy-to-care-for plant is well suited to both arid and moist soils. It’s a fabulous choice as a ground cover plant, and will survive drought very well, however bad the growing environment is.

Sedum also resists cold weather: it’s hardy down to (°F (-15°C).

It is perfect for growing along edges, walkways, and in flower beds or pots to decorate a terrace or a balcony.

Just like the Jade plant, it belongs to the Crassulaceae family.

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Smart tip about stonecrop, Sedum spectabile

If you love butterflies, plant stonecrop because those insects are attracted to it!

Images: Pixabay: Dede, naturepost, Petra Göschel