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Ornamental cabbage, beautiful in winter

decorative Ornamental cabbage

Ornamental cabbage is a very beautiful annual plant, with leaves that either stand straight or spread out, that are smooth or ruffled up.

Ornamental cabbage facts list

NameBrassica oleracea
Type – annual

Height – 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm)
Exposure – full sun
Soil – cool, moist

Foliage – evergreen – Flowering – fall, spring

It is very easy to care for from planting or sowing all the way to blooming.

Sowing and planting ornamental cabbage

Pink-centered and pale green outer leaves on ornamental cabbageOrnamental cabbage can be planted in the ground directly if purchased in a nursery pot, but it can also be sown in spring.

Sow at the end of spring in a nursery and transplant directly to the plot about 1 month after sowing.

  • Placing them usually happens in spring, after the last frost spells.
  • Bury the root crown deep, because the head of ornamental cabbage can grow quite heavy.

Ornamental cabbage under shadeIt is also possible to sow directly in the ground when the last frosts are past, towards May or June.

  • Ornamental cabbage loves rather rich and cool soil.
  • Avoid waterlogged soil in winter.
  • A good deal of sunlight is preferable, even though it can tolerate part sun. Under full shade, colors won’t be as intense.
  • Space plants at least 20 inches (50 cm) apart.

Potted ornamental cabbage is ideal for garden boxes, pots and other containers. It makes for a perfect addition to terraces and balconies in any region.

Pests and diseases on ornamental cabbage

Deep purple ornamental cabbageYou might witness the occasional large white drop by to lay a few eggs.

Simply scrape them off the underside of leaves to prevent those pesky caterpillars from devouring your plant!

Learn more about ornamental cabbage

Deep purple color of decorative cabbage leavesOrnamental cabbage is special in that many diverse colors are available, such as red, yellow, green, all colors that lack in the usual winter and fall scenery.

Surprising and colorful, it will decorate your pots, flower beds and edges. Bouquets can even be prepared from them, especially from long-stemmed varieties.

You’ll also notice that frost spells will have no impact on your plants: your ornamental cabbage will stay as beautiful as ever when the temperature drops below freezing!

Note: this type of cabbage is perfectly edible, but don’t expect wonders. Taste isn’t what it was bred for. Use them to extend soups or other cabbages.

Smart tip about ornamental cabbage

Space them well upon planting, at least 20 to 24 inches (50 to 60 cm) apart, because ornamental cabbage grows very large leaves!

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