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Oenothera, a beautiful, simple evening primrose

Evening primrose

Oenothera, or evening primrose, is a beautiful wild-looking flower.

Key Oenothera facts

Name: Oenothera
Common: evening primrose
Family: Onagraceae
Type: flower, perennial

Height: ½ foot to 3 feet 3 inches (15 cm to 1 m) depending on species
Exposure: sunny

Soil: light, well-drained  –  Blooming: June to September

Note: not related to common primrose, despite the name.

Planting Oenothera

No strong preference – either spring or fall works. Go for light soil and sunny placement, but nothing too hot.

You can multiply this beauty by dividing its clump in spring.

Pruning evening primrose

Come autumn, after it blooms, trim it down to its shortest.

All about evening primrose

Oenothera careThis stunner of a perennial flaunts dazzling blooms. Oenothera lights up flowerbeds, edges, and planters alike.

The most common find is Oenothera macrocarpa, which goes by the name “Missouri evening primrose”.

Growing this plant is particularly easy, to the point that it makes for a great addition to the patch of wildflowers you might have set up in your garden.

On hot days, give it water if it looks thirsty.

Smart tip about Oenothera, the Evening Primrose

For those bulkier varieties, make sure to give each plant its personal bubble.

Images: Pixabay: Alicja Juskowiak, Hans Braxmeier
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