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10 plants for a fresh, natural-looking garden

Flowers for a natural garden

Natural gardens are a big trend right now, modeled after country meadows or woodlands. But what flowers should you sow or plant to recreate this vibe? Go for perennials and annuals or biennials, but not just any. Pick those with a distinctive bohemian touch and those that have a knack for growing spontaneously in nature. They may seem delicate but are in fact extremely resilient!

Paired with ground covers like helxine or ivy in shadier spots, these flowers will lend a decidedly wildflower look to your garden.

Our pick of wild plants for the garden


Natural flowers for the garden include sageGenerally, common sage, or meadow sage, grows well anywhere in temperate climates, particularly in meadows, prairies, lawns, and along pathways. To showcase them in your garden, offer them a sunny spot on either limestone or neutral soil. Special shout-out to the new ‘Madeline’ sage variety which boasts pretty blue and white bi-colored flowers.

Money Plant (or Silver Dollar plant):

The money plant is an annual or biennial flowering plant, boasting beautiful purplish-pink flowers in clusters. Often forming dense colonies, they stand 12 to 40 inches tall (30 to 100 cm). In fall, seed pods form magnificent shiny coin-like discs.


Gaura is a perennial plant with a noble bearing and delicate blooms. It enjoys sunny to semi-shady exposure and well-drained soil.

Sweet pea:

Perennial pea, or sweet pea, is easy-peasy to grow. It loves warmth and light and blooms in pink, white or purple.


Wild cosmos flowersCosmos is another must-have for a natural garden: it comes in many colors and sizes. It’s very easy to sow and reseed.


Spurge is a biennial herb with a bright yellow-green color and an imposing stature. Decorative and durable, there are several species that adapt to all conditions and exposures. Handy and versatile!


Columbine, appeal to all with its fairy-tale allure and extreme apparent fragility. It is of great elegance while remaining discreet. And it grows everywhere!


Echinacea make the garden look fresh and naturalThe Echinacea family, a cousin of the common daisy, is recognizable by all with its predominant heart and slender drooping petals. It is a medicinal herb and melliferous plant. Very trendy currently, like the plants mentioned above.

Wildflower Seed Mixes

Seed blends for wild gardensTo complement or kickstart your bucolic garden, there are ready-to-use “Flowering Meadows” seed mixes sold in garden centers. And then, let the poppy, daisy, lawn daisy, ivy, hedge bindweed, cornflower, ornamental onion, oenothera set root in your spontaneous garden… they’ll reward you with pleasant surprises.

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

Images: Pixabay: Ilona, Jill Wellington, Leejongsung, Annette Meyer, Sonja Kalee
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