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Bulb flowers that bloom in summer

Top bulbs for summer blooming, like this dahlia.

They provide magnificent flowers over the summer and sometimes even into fall.

Summer bulbs are often spectacular and are magnificently ornamental in flower beds and along garden edges, but also in garden boxes and pot arrangements on your terrace.


All the bulbs that bloom in summer

They are most often planted in spring, from March to June, and we witness their blooming from summer until fall.

More vulnerable to the cold than perennials, some bulbs have to be brought inside in fall, if strong freezing occurs regularly in your area.

A selection of must-have bulbs


The sumptuous beauty of its flowers and the generous abundance of its blooming certainly makes dahlia one of the most beautiful bulb flowers.

Easy to care for, dahlia adapts best to warmer regions where its blooming will spill over into fall.

Bulbs are planted from March to June.



If the gladiolus so often appears in compositions prepared by flower shops, this is because it is simply one of the most beautiful flowers in our gardens.

Take in these floral scapes, so unique, that will thrive fabulously in full sun.

Bulbs are planted from March to July (most commonly as one of the June garden tasks) and blooming extends deep into fall.


Balisiers need heat to grow and will grace your garden with a touch of exotic color.

It can tower up to 6 ½ feet (2 meters) tall, and produces beautiful bunches of flowers that will decorate your flower beds.

Growing in pots or garden boxes means you’ll have to choose dwarf balisiers that won’t grow any taller than 20 to 24 inches (50 to 60 cm).



Their name reminds one immediately of those magnificent floral scapes and dense, green leafage that make them stand out.

Feet in the water and head in the sun, this is how they’ll give you the best of what they are.

Regular watering and bulb plant fertilizer will make their blooming even more spectacular.
Your flower beds or your pot arrangements will be emphasized thanks to this wonderful flower from summer to fall.


Elegance and sensuality are the words that best describe lilies, which are definitely part of most of our gardens.

Easy to care for and perfectly adapted to both growing in pots and in the ground, lilies bloom year after year without requiring any care.

Flowers are easy to recognize when they appear with their beautiful stars or fragrant trumpets.

There are almost as many colors as there are different varieties, and each is more beautiful than the next and surprises often are thrilling. Small enough for growing in summer planters.

Best planted in fall, flowering from summer to fall in the following year.

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