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Can forced hyacinths be planted outdoors? Yes!

Indoor hyacinth planted outdoors

Forced hyacinths spread their fragrant smell in our houses even in winter.

The early blooming means the plant is spent when spring comes along. Will it survive when planted in the ground? YES!


This fabulously fragrant flower is as perfect for the garden as it is for an indoor pot.

Hyacinth, a short story

Potted hyacinth, to be transfered outdoorsHyacinths are native to West Asia, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. This flower has a powerful fragrance and is a symbol of peace, power and simplicity, too.

A poet, in his heyday, had compared the hair of his beloved to the elegant stature of hyacinths.

Today, the curly movements of petals on garden hyacinth flowers is best described with the word “locks”.

  • In gardens, gardeners often plant them directly in the ground in fall. They then bloom from April to June, depending on the variety and on the climate. Hyacinth does best in humus-rich, well drained, light soil (add sand eventually).
  • They like sun, but can nonetheless bear a little shade, and are extremely hardy, down to 5°F (-15°C).
  • Once leaves have withered, they are easily propagated. All you have to to is collect the small bulbs that will have appeared to the side of the mother bulb. Plant these smaller bulbs in fall. Their flowers will be smaller and less furnished than during the first year or two.

Forced bulbs: does planting them work?

Planting forced bulbs that have bloomed early is generally less successful.

Planting a forced hyacinth outsideThey were forced in greenhouses, and often not survive the gap in the season cycle.

  • Ideally, they should be kept in the dark for a full year and a few months.
  • You’d only plant them in spring a full year later.
  • If you can’t store them that long, plant them in fall at the end of the first summer. Doing so results in about a 50/50 success rate (one in two survive).

To benefit from their intense perfume, plant hyacinths near your house, along walkways, under your windows, in your meditation garden

Nice hyacinth bouquets

Hyacinth bouquetHyacinth grows very well in our houses, balconies and terraces. It’s perfect for large pot arrangements.

Feel free to slice the stem and create nice, fragrant hyacinth bouquets. Most often, colors come in a range of white, pink and violet, with shades of blue.

Ever since hyacinths started selling hyacinths whole, with their bulb, quality has greatly increased. Cut hyacinths are increasingly appearing in floral art. Their appealing colors make them perfect matches for all seasonal bouquets.

Images: CC BY 2.0: Mike Finn, Sarah Sammis, Pixabay: Vanessa Zheki Dany, Petra Göschel, Petra Fischer, Public Domain Pictures, shutterstock: janzwolinski Ruzicka
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