Hyacinth is a massive bulb flower compared to its earlier cousins. The large colorful spike stays beautiful for nearly two weeks. Grow without restraint!

Colorful flowers for homes in winter

Warm colors for a warm home. That’s what Poinsettia and hyacinth have to offer. These two plants gift us with an explosion of colors at the heart of winter.
Indoor flower winter

First flowers to bloom in spring

After drab winter months, what a joy to see first flowers appear! Fresh bursts of color appear in flower beds, hedges and on taller trees. Here are the first flowers to appear in spring, signaling that finally, the weather has taken a turn for the better.
Barn with blue and yellow spring flowers

Can forced hyacinths be planted outdoors? Yes!

Forced hyacinths spread their fragrant smell in our houses even in winter. The early blooming means the plant is spent when spring comes along. Will it survive when planted in the ground? YES!
Indoor hyacinth planted outdoors
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