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Flowers from winter through spring, every month gets its blooms!

Winter to spring, flowers that bloom in each month

Each season brings its own sweet charms to the garden. But after a foggy autumn and a biting cold winter you’re probably aching for your garden to show signs that cute little spring flowers are coming in.

Such blooms truly bring a smile to your lips! And, for sure, because they’re announcing that spring is coming soon, with even more flowers and growth around the garden.

Did you know that there are bulb flowers that bloom in spring and keep your garden lively from January all the way up to May? Every month, like a relay, a new flower pops up to bring yet another smile on our faces.

Facing off the rigors of January

Eranthis, or winter hellebore, blooms in January, a true winter flowerWinter hellebore (Eranthis) and snowdrop (Galanthus) are the first to face the harsh cold weather of January.

Even under thick snow, the little flowers force their way through and bloom.

The subtle snowdrops are, with fresh hellebore, the messengers of spring.

Days grow longer in February

Crocus and snowdrop often bloom in februaryIn February, it seems that most spring bulbs already start peeking through the ground. This is indeed the month where a great many varieties start sending their first shoots out.

Crocus (Crocus), dwarf iris (Iris reticulata) and spring snowbells (Leucojum vernum) bring color to the garden together with (Puschkinia) and Glory of the Snow (Chionodoxa).

A color boost in March

March is the spring month of daffodilsMarch is when the garden bursts into color. Colorful bulbs like anemone (Anemone), cyclamen, blue grape hyacinth (Muscari), narcissus, daffodil (Narcissus), ornithogalum (Ornithogalum nutans) and squill (Scilla siberica) bloom for our appraising enjoyment.

This month, blue grape hyacinth will release their fragrance in the entire garden. And it’ll attract bees like a magnet!

April, a month for tulips

Tulip is the focus of April, with amazing bloomsIn April, you’ll savor the blooming of the most popular flower bulb: tulip (Tulipa).

They appear in every flower bed with a great many different shapes and sizes. Tulip pairs well in April with Hyacinth (Hyacinthus), ipheion (Ipheion) and summer bells (Leucojum aestivum).

And on the sidelines, perennials also start their vegetation, such lush growth!

May still has something to say

Lily of the valley is a famous may flowerSummer may be just around the corner, but the last spring bulbs still have a role to play in the garden.

Ornamental bulbs, ornamental onion (Allium, forest hyacinth (Hyacinthoides), lily-of-the-valley (Convallaria), ixia and buttercups (Ranunculus) are the last of the spring bulb flowers.

Planting bulbs in 4 steps

  • Rake the soil to break it up or use a soil turner.
  • Dig a hole that’s about 3 times as wide as the bulb/tuber is.
  • Place the bulbs in the hole with the tip facing up and the root bunch facing down.
  • Cover with soil.

More advice

It also makes sense to dig a wider hole or trench, like a “bed”, where you can plant a great many bulbs together.
The best time to plant bulbs is from September to December, before the first frost spells.


Images: Ibulb; Pixabay: Wolfgang Eckert, Etienne Gontier, Kim Dae Jeung, Christiane Hölting, Ronald Porter
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