Natural health boosters to avoid pesky sickness in winter

Winter sickness remedies

How can one avoid falling sick to the flu, throat infections and gastroenteritis, and other mood-sapping infections? Without needing to wait for a consultation at the doctor’s, upscale the healthiness of your lifestyle and get familiar with natural remedies.

Lack of sun, viruses everywhere, cold and wind… Winter is a tough season on us humans if we’re a bit weak or tired out. There are, however, a few smart tips to stay in top shape and actually come to appreciate this wonderful season of the year.

Good health basics

Eating well, sleeping enough, going out to exercise and breathe fresh air… These basic day-in and day-out decisions clearly help the body be in tip-top shape. Gear your diet to organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables as much as you can, and endeavor to cook your energy-packed meals yourself from fresh produce.

Slices of turmeric will fend off diseases naturallySeason some of your dishes daily with garlic (a natural antibiotic), fresh turmeric and sprouted seeds to stock up on vitamins.

If getting up in the morning is really difficult, got to bed earlier by a full hour every evening to fully replenish your energy, and take the time for a brisk walk at least once a day to work your heart and lungs up.

Energy boosters

A few natural food supplements can also help you feel better overall. One capsule of vitamin C acerola a day, for example, is an effective course to start off in fall.

Just as befits children, adults should also take a regular dose of vitamin D all winter long, to compensate for lower natural light: chose a natural product for this.

You can also set up a special light therapy device to simulate an earlier sunrise during breakfast every morning. Also, ingesting magnesium chloride and/or frozen pollen on alternate days will wrap up this program to get back into shape.

Your natural pharmacy

Ouch, are you sick? There are a great many ways to clear your body of disease right as the first symptoms appear. For instance, Pelargonium extracts help clear obstructed airways. Homeopathy is also a course (10 granules of parathyphoidinum 9CH) that is effective, especially when backed up with ten or so drops of grapefruit seed extract. Rest a bit more than usual, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time!

As for ENT disorders, always stock up on the following organic essential oils: ravensara and eucalyptus.

  • Mix 1 to 3 drops of each (depending on the age and size of the patient) in plant-based oil.
  • Massage the thorax, back and foot sole.
  • Their antiviral and expectorant properties will work marvels.

Also, after every bout of disease, replenish your intestinal flora and your immune system with probiotics. You’re all set to make it through to spring with high spirits!

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