Spring Detox course

Vegetables that help detox the body in spring

Cleansing and boosting the body at winter’s end is the goal of a detox course. Feeling light and full of energy as days grow longer and more beautiful is only a few bites away!

Here are a few guidelines to purge the body of accumulated toxins and shed some of that winter fat without going through strenuous exercise.

Make a difference simply by working on what’s in your plate

What counts most is to select fruits and vegetables that provide special toxin-purging activity, clearing the way for our body to function better.

This detox course can of course be followed on an intensive schedule over a few days during spring (at least three), but what’s best is to include these food items in your daily diet on a regular basis, turning them into staple foods for you and your family: your body will thank you for it!

Optimize toxin purging

Add the following to your menu: avocado, artichoke, red beet, watercress, carrot, eggplant and cabbage in all its diversity. These vegetables are elite commando soldiers for the expelling of toxins. What makes them good at it is their high potassium, fiber or vitamin A and C contents, all of which are great agents in dislodging toxins and sending them for treatment to the kidneys and colon. Fruit also provide similar fruits, particularly pomme, kiwi, banana, pineapple, lemon or bilberry and blueberry. On top of the agents mentioned above for veggies, they also contain pectin which is famous for eliminating toxins. Last of all, don’t forget about natural flavor enhancers! Spices like thyme and savory limit fermentation that occurs in the intestines while garlic and parsley stimulate kidney functions.

How to change your habits

Many people think that a detox course is a drastic change of everything, but actually it’s nothing compared to limiting food intake or fasting entirely. Fasting would actually have the opposite effect on your body. The body’s metabolic rate decreases if it isn’t given any energy or food, whereas the only way to eliminate toxins is to activate your body’s metabolism. It’s much more effective to eat higher-quality food in sufficient amounts on a regular basis.

What definitely tops it off is to pair the program with a little heart-pumping sports, which is another natural way of channeling toxins out of the body.

Of course, drinking a lot is essential, especially plain water, since anything gassy or sparkling tends to make digestion more complicated. If water is so bland for you that you can’t fathom drinking more than a glass of it a day, simply replace it with infusions or flavored green teas – there’s no limit as to how much you can drink!

Marjolaine Koch

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