A small patch of green

Balcony with blue shutters and many plants

Mini garden, courtyard or balcony: if astutely set up, your little patch under the sky can become a space where life is great.

Even if it is small, having a space that is open outside is a true piece of luck. It is possible to set up a balcony, terrace, portion of a roof or courtyard to transform it into a true garden where every task of the day can become a true pleasure to perform. For that, such elements as plants, pots, and furniture and ornaments must be selected accordingly.

Begin with the flooring, since covering it can add a touch of style and comfort. Wooden duckboards, interlocking tiles, gravel and artificial grass (to glue to the floor like carpet, clean with a vacuum cleaner) are some of the easier options to set up.

It’s a good idea to pair them, too, to mark different spaces that will create the illusion of having more space: tiles for the eating area, wood for sunbathing, and grass for a softer touch where the kids can play…

Pocket furniture

Once your areas are marked, procure relevant furniture, considering colors and textures for a harmonious result.

Tiny patio with a low-lying table and armchairs to snack on tapas before dinner, small table with folding chairs for dinner, a hammock or bean couch for sunbathing… smaller sizes or easy-pack versions are available everywhere. You’ll discover very convenient small tables that simply attach to the rails of your balcony and fold back for easy storage, or benches that double as a storage box, etc…

Wrap it up with a little mood lighting, garlands or small lights (with rechargeable batteries so you don’t have the hassle of a cord), and a table or electric barbecue.

A touch of green

Don’t scrimp on the plants! They add color, life and oxygen, they hide you from your neighbor’s eyes and are the key to transforming a small barren space into a pocket garden of Eden.

In a courtyard, splurge for climbing plants and shrubs, these can be planted in deep garden boxes along the walls. Select the species in play well, depending on the exposure that each portion of the space gets.

On a balcony, shut the street commotion out or block off viewers from fronting buildings with pot arrangements, garden boxes, and hanging plants.

Better yet, set up a plant wall with an entire range of plants on a pot holder rack or a shelf. An extremely enjoyable touch is to set up a pergola on a portion of your balcony (over the dining area for instance) to create a true hanging garden in the urban desert.

Laure Hamann

Pots with many flowers set close together to maximize greenery and blooming in tiny spaces

Image credits (edits Gaspard Lorthiois):
Pixabay: Cornelia Gerhardt, Luca