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Resin garden furniture, a trendy and reliable option

White resin furniture set in a garden setting

A garden furniture set can now be a very convenient and ornamental addition to patios, terraces and gardens. Thanks to resin, this space truly becomes an additional room for the house.

Building materials have evolved since the tables and chairs our grand-parents used to have, and one particular material stands out: resin.

Resin is indeed an incredible material for your garden furniture set:

  • it’s visually appealing
  • it stands well to use and weather
  • it doesn’t require much care

The resin garden furniture set

Close-up of the plastic weaving on a resin garden furniture setAs for all garden furniture sets, the ultimate purpose is to serve as a place to relax on the deck or in the garden.

This is actually a novel concept, since only recently has the garden been considered an extra room to the house. It thus becomes the target for home decoration, making it unique and cozy so that all might feel at home.

Aside from steel, plastic, wrought iron or wood garden furniture, resin has become a major player since it boasts many advantages.

  • Beach set with resin chairs and clothIt’s very strong and resists all kinds of weather, be it scorching summer heat or wet winter frost
  • Ultra-violet (UV) resistance
  • Virtually no care at all, except for the occasional soaping up
  • Very affordable upon purchase
  • A wide array of colors and unlimited shapes are available

That’s the key to why resin garden furniture sets have started spreading to many gardens in recent years.

Caring for a resin garden furniture set

Side post of a resin-woven chairOf course care is virtually nil; however, here are a few smart tips:

  • When cleaning, avoid abrasive products as well as bleach-based detergents.
  • Use a soft, non-abrasive sponge or you’ll have scratches all over the resin.
  • You can find special cleaning sets specifically designed for resin garden furniture.
  • Warm water with a dab of soap is an excellent cleaning solution.

Resin garden furniture in winter

Winter snow on a resin table and garden chairsThe prime appeal of a resin garden furniture set is of course its resistance, even to the harshness of winter.

If you cannot bring your garden furniture indoors:

Simply remove the cloth pillows and upholstery, and leave the furniture outside.

You’ll have understood by now that apart from its original aesthetic appeal, resin garden furniture sets are an ideal solution when purchasing a garden furniture set: very affordable, very durable!

Smart tip about resin

Note that direct skin-to-resin contact isn’t always very comfortable (especially for wicker-based sets) and it’s best to test and select a set that comes pre-equipped with pillows or upholstery.

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