Ground cover plants, no more mowing!


If mowing the lawn has become an unbearable chore, or if you hope to add greenery to your shade-covered spots, opt for ground cover plants that only require minimal care.

Here are just six from the hundreds that can be purchased in horticulture stores.


ground cover plantA perennial plant that spontaneously grows in mountain rocky ground, heuchera bears green, violet-pink, purple, yellow or silver mottled leafage.

More or less 12 inches (30 cm) tall, it appreciates well drained and humus-rich soil, full sun or part sun exposure.


HelxineThis short ground-covering plant – usually below 5 cm tall – has tiny round leaves less than 1/5 inch (5 mm) across that look like duckweed. In summer, tiny pink flowers appear.

Helxine loves sandy, well drained soil in shade or part sun. It can’t withstand drought. Even though it can cope with temperatures as low as 5°F (-15°C), better mulch it before harsher winters.


Chameleon Plant in soil Houttuynia Cordata VariegatusThis 20 inch (50 cm) perennial plant with deciduous green, yellow and red mottled leaves flowers discretely in summer with tiny white, fragrant blooms. It prefers moist and rich soil, shade, and is vulnerable to summer dry spells. Add compost in spring; in case of harsh winters, keep the dead dry leaves that will keep the roots from from freezing.

Tip: burn its dried leaves that smell like oranges to keep mosquitoes away.


Ground ivyNow don’t get common ivy (Hedera helix) confused with ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea), which belongs to the same family as mint.

With evergreen green leafage that may present white, silver or gold designs, ivy thrives in part sun, in cool, chalky and well drained soil. Prune when its starts growing too large.


Periwinkle VincaKnown for its white or violet flowers, periwinkle is a also a perennial ground cover plant with green leaves that can also bear traces of white or gold.

It grows on humus-rich, well drained soil, eventually chalky, either in shade or in part sun.


violetteThis semi-evergreen perennial, never any taller than 8 inches (20 cm), is covered in spring with very fragrant spring flowers, white or purple.

It loves light and rich soil, even if chalky, provided exposure is full sun or part shade. Apart from having to hunt a few slugs away, violets don’t need any follow-up and their flowers can be used in cooking!

Pierrick Le Jardinier