Watering – we’re all involved

40% of American rivers and 25% of Western and Central Europe’s rivers are extremely polluted.

For the past two decades, raw water bodies are being degraded at alarming rates.

It is now crucial to preserve this resource, and using it as responsibly as is possible is one way of doing this.

Did you know?

  • In France, only 1% of the annual supply of drinking water is actually drunk.
  • Half of the world’s population will meet extreme water shortage in the course of the next quarter century.
  • Preserving this rare resource is getting more and more important.

Smart tip about watering

WWF tip: Water evaporates very fast under the sun:

  • We often water too much and inappropriately.
  • In summer, it is much better to water in the cooler evening hours.
    This will give the plants and soil time to drink before the water evaporates.
  • Water in fall and spring, water in the morning to avoid freezing.
  • Check the weather forecasts before watering, there is always a chance rain will fall!

Best is of course to set up a rain water recovery system.