Bulbs in clay and flooded soil


Bulbs must be planted in light ground if they are to develop properly.

However, the soil of some gardens is clay and often waterlogged during the winter months.

Follow our advice and you will be able to see your bulbs bloom even in wet and waterlogged soil:

Bulbs in clay and flooded soil

In this type of soil, what is most damaging to bulbs is that they sit in water for extended periods of time.
They start to rot and thus are not able to develop into a plant that blooms.

Planting bulbs in clay soil

If you increase soil drainage, you should succeed in growing any kind of bulbous plant.

  • First, you must dig a deeper hole than you normally would with light soil.
    The hole must be at least 8 inches (20 cm) deep.
  • At the bottom of the hole, spread a layer of gravel or clay pebbles about 2 inches (5 cm) thick.
    That will let water drain down and not stagnate at root level anymore.
  • Atop this first layer, add a second layer or soil mix or garden soil mixed with sand. This layer should also be about 2 inches (5 cm) thick.
  • Place your bulbs.
  • Fill in with the same mix of sand and soil.
  • Press down lightly, and add more if needed.

If you follow this technique, you’ll be prepared to face any bad weather that might flood your soil.
And you’ll have the great joy of seeing your flowers bloom all over the garden!

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