Gardening trends and new fads

Herb gardens, new equipment, new garden ideas

More comfort in the garden and more greenery around town: our new desires are inspiring manufacturers. They’re rolling up their sleeves for urban gardeners, preparing novel items that are lighter and more convenient than any gardening equipment ever before…

Let’s discover a few of these products that scratch that itch so perfectly!

Hybrid and battery-operated devices

Modern mowerJust as what’s happening on roads, hybrid and electric engines are on the rise in the garden.

Battery-operated lawn mowers are now worthy of interest thanks to their power, ever-increasing autonomy (some can mow up to 800 sq yards/meters on one charge), silence and ease of use. Compared to gas-powered mowers, they don’t require messy maintenance and needn’t be prepped up for winter. Compared to plug-in mowers, batteries offer much more comfort when zooming around walkways and recesses in the yard.

Smaller devices such as hedge trimmers are also going electric, or feature a double source of power. The new Ryobi edge-trimmer is a “hybrid” in the sense that it both connects a plug-in cable for long power-hogging runs, and a lithium battery for harder-to-reach areas. Switching from one to the other is a cinch and extends range.

Comfort-first tools

New garden hose carrying standWhether its a lawn mower, a spade or a shovel, manufacturers have enhanced the ergonomics of their products.

This is a guaranteed sales advantage for gardeners who expect comfort to avoid sprains, blisters, backaches or who hope to not get tired too fast.

Tools and equipment is designed to fit to everyone’s size thanks to adjustable handles and grips.

For example, in the new Fiskars ‘Xact’ product range, all spades, pitchforks and shovels are sold with two handle lengths to choose from, depending on the user.

Urban gardening: the whole shubang

Modern urban patch raised boxDefinitely the trend in recent years, responding to urban gardener’s desires is definitely inspiring manufacturers.

Stackable pots, multi-level garden boxes, raised beds and gardening tables ready to be filled in with soil… Everything makes it easy for the urban gardener to grow mini-veggies and herbs in a small courtyard, balcony or even on the windowsill.

There are hundreds of novel items, all of which are elegant and quite clever: trellis to lead plants up a wall, vertical gardening, planting bags, miniature fountains, etc… Even the smallest of spaces can turn green!

Specialized tools, smaller and lighter, also encourage this hobby. For example, there’s even a new type of soil mix that is specifically designed for plants growing on a balcony, called Algoflash. It’s twice as light as conventional soil mix and has a very high water retention capacity. Ideal for balconies with weight limitations!

Laure Hamann

Image credits (edits Gaspard Lorthiois):
CC BY 2.0: Anne Heathen