Manual lawn mowers and robots, convenient for smaller surfaces


Manual lawn mowers and robots, here is an overview of what is best for smaller lawn and garden sizes.

One is environmentally sustainable and quiet, the other does all the work in your stead: both of these options are worth looking at for their advantages.

Here is a presentation of lawn mowers for smaller surfaces…

Manual lawn mowers, an affordable solution for health, peace and quiet

”manualThis engine-less lawn mower, also called a cylinder mower, is a serious alternative to electric and gas-powered lawn mowers. This eco-friendly option is powered by the person pushing it – a great way to stay healthy! It’s very affordable, usually around 50 to 60 dollars or euros, and is very quiet: mowing the lawn won’t anymore trigger complaints from neighbors!

Just as for more conventional lawn mowers, it’s possible to adjust blade height up to 4 inches (10 cm). Grass clippings are ejected in front of the device and are shred down to the point of turning into mulch that protects and feeds your lawn. Some designs allow for a collection hamper.

So all in all, many advantages for this age-old option. The English, who are famous for finely manicured gardens, still use it to this day, which is a sign of how worthy it is. Note that use should be considered only for gardens under 500 square yards or meters, or to correct small mistakes here and there on a larger lawn.

Robot lawn mower, regular care without any effort

”roboticIf, for you, mowing the lawn ranks more as a chore than as a pleasure, you will definitely want to indulge in the comfort that these automated lawn mowers provide: they do everything on their own! Furnished with a rechargeable battery, it’s possible to set time and week schedules for these robot lawn mowers with a simple touchscreen. Dealing with battery autonomy (recharging the battery when it’s depleted) is fully automatic. You don’t even need to be present to watch over it!

Usually, a single charge will last the robotic lawn mower from 60 to 90 minutes. For the latest Husqvarna design, this is extended by sun collected on the on-board solar panel in good weather. Each robot lawn mower has a different power rating and mowing speed, and the fastest ones will manage up to 200 sq yards or meters an hour while slower ones will have completed around 75. Cables or wires affixed to the ground with small hoops or stakes serve as a perimeter guide for the robot. Whenever obstacles are encountered within this perimeter, it knows how to deal with them, either running around them or backing out of a tight spot.

They’re weather-proof even under strong rains, and these automatic robot lawn mowers regularly sweep over the entire lawn, which makes for a very healthy lawn. Geeks will of course be the first to splurge here, since starting prices for such devices are around 800 dollars (euros) and more!

Laure Hamann

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Manual lawn mower Fiskars MomentumTM

Robot lawn mower Robomow® RM510 for lawns up to 500 sq yards/meters.