White orchid varieties, 5 immaculate varieties

White orchid varieties

White orchid varieties are a clear favorite because they symbolize uplifting emotions in an elegant manner. Indeed, the whiteness of their flowers express joy and love with pristine clarity!

That’s why white orchids are often a great choice for brides and grooms to decorate the halls for weddings and receptions. Slender and immaculate, these orchids even find a place in bridal bouquets!

Here is a selection of five fabulous white orchids that are particularly beautiful.

Habenaria radiata the fascinating white egret orchid

egret orchidThe egret orchid has all it takes to impress collectors and give you a never-ending sense of surprise and wonder. During the summer season, this white orchid produces a cluster of 2 to 8 flowers that aren’t very big, just over an inch across (3 cm).

Slightly fragrant blooming that looks like a flock of birds arising to the skies. Truly, the flower petals of this orchid seem to deploy their frill-edged wings like a host of doves or of egrets taking flight.

  • Note: growing dove orchid is rather difficult.

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Angraecum Sesquipedale, stunning Star of Bethlehem

White star of BethlehemThis Angraecum orchid produces magnificent flower scapes with one to three white flowers with a greenish hue. The position of its petals, like a star with six points, makes these wonderful flowers look amazing.

In addition, there arises from this exceptional blooming a lush, appealing scent. You’ll only notice this fragrance at dusk, and when flowers start wilting away, a hint of vanilla can be tasted in the air.

  • Note: growing Darwin’s orchid (another name for it) is difficult.

Phalaenopsis amabilis, a wonderful white butterfly orchid

White phalaenopsis amabilis Phalaenopsis amabilis, or mariposa orchid, mostly blooms in winter and spring. It then produces 5 or 6 blooms at once, and keeps its pristine flowers for over 6 months.

This makes it a great flower to admire at home, since its large white flowers last for so long. They’re 3 to 4 inches across (7 to 10 cm). Each bloom has 3 oval sepals and 2 round lateral petals. At the center of all this pearly white space, a yellowish white labellum with red spots catches the eye.

  • Note: growing Phalaenopsis amabilis is relatively easy.

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Sobralia leucoxantha, a splendid white orchid

Darwin's orchidOrchids that are part of the Sobralia genus usually only have one or two white flowers with a yellow center at a time. These blooms are short-lived, but they keep coming up in sequence as the flower scape extends longer and longer.

Sobralia leucoxantha thus has white flowers with a yellow labellum that open and wilt every few days for weeks on end. A pleasant feature of this blooming is a fresh, agreeable scent. Note that even without any flowers, Sobralia orchids are stilly surprisingly ornamental thanks to their foliage. You can keep the plant in place even when it isn’t blooming!

This species is often confused with Sobralia powellii which is another of the most beautiful white orchids yet found.

  • Note: growing Sobralia leucoxantha is, sadly, a bit difficult.

Dendrobium nobile ‘alba’, superb bamboo orchid

White dendrobium orchidDendrobium nobile is the most famous and easy-to-find orchid of all bamboo orchids. The name comes from its long “canes”, near-perfect cylinders that are quite similar to those of full-grown bamboo.

Dendrobium nobile ‘alba’ blooms from winter to spring. Its owners and their guests can relish its magnificent and abundant white blooming. Flowers open up along the whole length of the stem, and they release a light but pleasant scent.

  • Note: growing Dendrobium nobile ‘alba’ is easy enough for beginners.

Images: CC BY 2.0: Motohiro Sunouchi; CC BY-SA 2.0: Rufino Uribe; Pixabay: Hartono Subagio, Công Hữu Lê