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Clerodendron, a cute decorative plant


Clerodendrum is a shrub with abundant foliage and flowers.

Key Clerodendron facts

Name: Clerodendrum
Common: Clerodendron
FamilyLamiaceae (old: Verbenaceae)
Type: shrub

Height: 6 to 10 feet (2 to 3 meters)
Exposure: full sun

Soil: rather rich  –  Foliage: deciduous  –  Flowering: summer → early fall

Proper planting, care and pruning will facilitate growth and solve small problems while growing.

Planting clerodendron

planting ClerodendrumFor clerodendrum, planting is an important step because. Indeed, it contributes to proper settling in, growth and blooming.

Plant preferably in spring but also in fall before the first frost spells.

  • Clerodendron loves rather sunny locations, though part shade is also fine.
  • It prefers to be sheltered from strong winds.
  • Follow our advice on planting shrubs

Clerodendron is hardy down to -5°F or -15°C, depending on the variety.

Clerodendrum in pot

It’s possible to grow clerodendrum in a pot, especially if you intend to keep it from freezing in winter.

  • Select a rather large pot with a drainage hole at the bottom
  • Fill it up with soil mix for shrubs or flowers
  • Water regularly, as soon as the soil is dry at the surface

Propagating clerodendrum

Preparing cuttings in summer works very well for clerodendron.

  • Propagation is through cuttings in summer.

Clerodendrum care

Clerodendron flowers bloom in two stages.This is a particularly easy shrub to care for, especially once it has settled in well.

Regular watering is recommended, especially in case of heat waves.

Adding fertilizer in spring will have a great impact on blooming and growth.

How to prune Clerodendrum?

At the end of winter, you can balance out and slightly reduce the branches.

  • This shrub has a round bearing that your pruning should help maintain.
  • Remove dead and damaged branches.

Learn more about clerodendron

Clerodendron indoors

You’ll easily keep it growing inside your home or apartment.

In winter, find a place for it where the temperature hovers around 50 to 60°F (10 to 15°C).

Clerodendron outdoors

Native to China, Clerodendron will be most at ease in places where the winter season isn’t too harsh.

Different clerodendrum varietiesStrong and long-lasting bouts of freezing will slow the growth of the shrub.

Both ornamental and easy to care for, it offers a beautiful blooming during the summer, and produces cute little green or black berries in fall.

This shrub grows very fast and can be planted in a hedge, a shrub bed, or a pot on a balcony, deck or terrace.

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Smart tip about Clerodendrum

Outdoors, mulching is recommended, both in summer to keep moisture in, and in winter to protect the roots from the cold.

Images: CC BY 2.0: Zaqqy, CC BY-SA 2.0: Christopher Gabbard, Steve Law
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  • Judy wrote on 24 July 2023 at 21 h 19 min

    Four or five years ago I was given a sucker of a claradendron tritocomum. It has grown well in a pot into a good little shrub. Will it ever flower like the parent tree, which was a beautiful specimen?