Setting up a flowered hedge

Flower hedge

Hedges protect us from prying eyes, create intimacy, break the wind and protect our gardens. Flowered hedges boast many advantages and can even become truly ornamental.

Whereas evergreen hedges block out nosy neighbors, flowered hedges can be formed with both evergreen and deciduous shrubs.

This guarantees a high level of diversity to please the eye and the ecosystem, too.

Which shrubs are best for a flowered hedge?

Here is a selection of “favorite shrubs” that can be used to create and grow a flowered hedge:


Red-orange escallonia flowers on a branch from a flowering hedge.

From May until the end of summer, Escallonia offers beautiful flowers that range from pink to red depending on the variety.

California lilac, soap bush

A California lilac hedge covered in blue flowers.

Their generous May blooming make these shrubs one of the most common flowered hedges – with good reason!


Flower hedge grown from mock-orange, with white flowers.

Abundant and magnificent flowers in May and June.


Flowering hedge grown from pale pink-flowered weigela shrubs.

Amazing blooming, abundant and plentiful, from the beginning of spring until the beginning of summer.

Strawberry tree

Strawberry tree grown as a hedge with both fruits and flowers at the same time.

This evergreen shrub produces beautiful edible fruits during its flowering season which extends from August to November. Imagine yourself near the Mediterranean in the blink of an eye!

Mexican Orange

Hedge covered with small white flowers, grown from mock orange.

Beautiful white flowers from April onwards and soothing tender green leaves all year round.


Flower hedge grown from forsythia flower shrubs.

Sparkling yellow flowers, almost golden, give all their color at the beginning of spring!


Hedges grown from Hawthorn bear white flowers, then red berries.

Amazing white blanket of flowers, followed by bright red berries. Astounding!

French broom

A hedge in full bloom with a red and yellow French broom variety.

The dark green leaves of French broom mark a spectacular contrast to its many small fragrant flowers from April to June. Guaranteed seaside atmosphere!


Hedges grown from buddleja will bear amazing amounts of flowers.

Also called buddleia, this shrub is enchanting thanks to the beauty of its flowers and the perfume it spreads. They are easy to grow, and their blooming will enchant you until the beginning of fall.

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Image credits (edits Gaspard Lorthiois):
CC BY 2.0: David Eickhoff
CC BY-SA 2.0: Leonora Enking, Barry Carruth