Garlic decoction, technique and timing

Garlic and clove on a countertop with a dark background, still life

Garlic decoctions are an excellent solution to treat most diseases and fungus that impact plants, fruit trees and vegetables in the vegetable patch.

You can use it all year long, but spring is when it makes most sense when such diseases are in full swing.

Recipe for 5 quarts (5 liters) of garlic decoction

  • Peel and chop or crush 1 lbs (500 g) garlic cloves.
  • Macerate around 10 to 12 hours in 5 quarts (liters) water.
  • Bring this preparation to boiling and let boil about 15 minutes.
  • Cool.
  • Spray directly on leaves and water the foot of the plants and vegetables.
  • Renew this entire procedure 2 to 3 times with a 3-day interval.

This decoction is used a lot in the vegetable patch and on fruit trees but all your plants can be treated this way.

Garlic decoction is especially effective against

This preparation doesn’t keep, so if you have any left, feel free to use it for the rest of your plants because it can only help!