Very ornamental berry shrubs

Winter isn’t the season where our gardens bear the most flowers, but it still has every chance of boasting very nice colors.

Many shrubs have decided to brighten up those gray days with magnificent colored berries that decorate and lighten up the garden.


Berry shrubs

A true festival of colors can be created simply by choosing those plants that drape themselves in ribbons of pearls along their branches in winter.

  • Berries actively contribute to feeding the winter fauna, especially birds who love these fruits when food is sparse.
  • You’ll be setting up a welcoming environment for birds in your garden, which is always a beautiful sight that also protects the environment.
  • Planting many different varieties also ensures that birds won’t focus too much on a single bush, like what happened to this silverberry.

A few of the most beautiful berry-bearing shrubs

  • Holly will surprise you with its unique flowers and bright red berries, and give you the chance to create surprising decorations during feast days.
  • Mahonia will illuminate your shrub beds with magnificent yellow clusters.
  • Hawthorn will seduce you with its berries and leaves of various colors.
  • Very aesthetic and easy to care for, elder produces nearly black fruits that make very good jam, and attract birds, too.
  • The unavoidable cotoneaster falls into this category since its red berries overtake its leafage all winter long, just like fire thorn, also called Pyracantha.
  • Finally, the strawberry tree, equally handsome in a hedge or standing alone, offers nice red berries all winter long. It’s also known as Arbutus unedo.

Arbutus unedo, a great and uncommon berry shrub.Now that proof has been laid, you can also agree that berry shrubs boast virtues that only few of their peers share!
They decorate, bring joy, and foster loyalty among your garden folk.
These are great planting ideas to give your garden space a shine from fall till the beginning of spring.

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Credits for images shared to Nature & Garden under © CC BY 2.0 (all edits by Gaspard Lorthiois):
Holly sprig shared by Christopher Kulturides
Strawberry tree berries shared by Wendy Cutler