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What to plant in the garden for natural self-healing?

Plants that help you heal naturally

Herbal tea prepared with leaves and flowers from the garden can be great remedies to regain control over your own health… naturally.

What if we rediscovered the right practices to treat the small ailments that plague us day after day? Here are a few hints on how to set up your own “medicine garden”. For a start, herbal tea is a just what you need. “The term herbal tea includes infusions, decoctions and macerations, three methods that differ slightly. They all offer a simple and quick manner of taking advantage of the therapeutic properties of plants” shares Sophie Lacoste, author of the book Mon cahier de tisanes. “Easy to prepare and very affordable, they keep for the entire day in a thermos bottle.”

Elder to lower fever

“Elder flower herbal tea make germs flee” writes Sophie Lacoste. “Infuse one table spoon dried flowers in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Elder branch with flowers in a test tubeFilter, drink and sneak under a cover or quilt to sweat the fever off.” Also remember onions, very effective too against winter fever and virus attacks. Moreover, it is great for the entire ENT system! “Chop two onions into small cubes and cover with half a quart (half a liter) cold water. Macerate for an entire night and drink this half a quart (half a liter) in three goes: middle of the morning, in the afternoon, and before going to bed.”

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Meadowsweet, a natural aspirin against pain

Fresh flowers always have the highest content“Pain killer and anti-inflammatory, meadowsweet must be prepared in infusion. Most effective are the flowered tips and fresh leaves.

Toss a table spoon of flowered tips in a cup of hot water (not boiling) and let steep for 10 minutes.”

Blackberry thorn against sore throat

“Doctor Valnet, a renowned herbalist, had incredible results treating pharyngitis with a simple blackberry bush leaf. Prepare a strong infusion of blackberry bush leaf (2 oz (60 g) for 1 quart (1 liter) water, infused for a quarter-hour) and drink one cup before each meal. You can also gargle it.” Doctor Claudine Luu, author of the book 250 Remèdes naturels à faire soi-même, also recommends to “infuse 6 to 7 blackberry thornbush flowerbuds, to drink slowly to soothe your throat.”

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Thyme and rosemary to fight against infections

“One pinch of thyme leaves and another of rosemary in a mug, cover with boiling water and wait ten minutes. Filter… this is a herbal tea that makes microbes pack up and run away!” ensures Sophie Lacoste. Claudine Luu adds: “Against colds, hacking cough and generally after a cold day, infuse 0.8 to 1 oz (20 to 25 g) thyme leaves and/or wild thyme (red thyme) for 1 quart (1 liter) boiling water and drink one to two cups a day… Same dosage (common thyme) for urinary tract infections, to de-worm, and for intellectual stimulation!”

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Laurel for digestion

Bay laurel leaves spilling from a jar“Prepare a decoction from dried laurel leaves (3 dried leaves in a cup of water) to avoid bloating. Laurel works by increasing production of gastric juices.” writes Claudine Luu. It also alleviates migraines due to troublesome gastric or hepatic functions.”

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Nettles against backache, rheumatism and tiredness

Nettle leaves in a teacup“Boil chopped leaves in water and drink this decoction 3 times a day for a 21-day course” … very useful as well against exhaustion and hyperglycemia. You can also complement with meadowsweet.

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