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Rosemary, the power-up herb

Health benefits of rosemary

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a very melliferous plant (honeybees collect the nectar from it to produce honey) native to Southern Europe that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. Used for its medicinal properties, this spice plant is often added to marinades or flavors grilled foods, stews and soups, especially in Mediterranean cuisine.

Rosemary health benefits

  • Rosemary is stimulating and invigorating. Anti-stress and anti-fatigue, it is recommended to asthenic persons and also in case of light insomnia because it enhances the quality of sleep. It also has a beneficial impact on the circulation of the blood and stimulates cognitive faculties.
  • Benefits of rosemaryRosemary has a stimulating effect regarding biliary functions and is a liver tonic. It treats gastrointestinal disorders, difficult digestion and liver disorders.
  • Rosemary also has antioxidant properties that help it to effectively combat free radicals that trigger premature cell ageing.
  • Diuretic and astringent rosemary reduces risks of kidney stones.
  • Rosemary is also an anti-inflammatory. It treats respiratory tract infections and inflammations in the ENT system (ear, nose and throat) and reduces cough.
  • Bathing in rosemary soothes rheumatism disorders and blood circulation disorders in the hands, feet and legs.
  • In a compress, rosemary can serve to alleviate small surface ailments, joint swellings and sprains.
  • Gargling rosemary soothes canker sores and small mouth wounds. They are also effective against toothache.
  • Rosemary essential oil is part of the ingredients in many cosmetics (soaps, balms, perfume, creams, ointments, etc…) and food products (alcohol drinks, desserts, candy, etc.).

Rosemary oil

Growing rosemary for its health benefits

  • Benefits of growing rosemaryPlanting rosemary is very easy. This herb grows in any soil, even dry, rocky, poor soil.
  • However, rosemary requires hot exposure and full sun.
  • The productivity of potted rosemary is excellent, as long as the container is at least 8 inches (20 cm) deep, drains perfectly and is filled with a mix of sand and soil mix.

Cooking rosemary for its health benefits

Rosemary leaves are digestive and stimulating. Used in cooking, they delicately flavor your grilled meats, fish as well as vegetables and carbohydrates. Key ingredient for bouquet garni.

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