Winter blooming shrubs, beautiful flowers in the cold

Witch hazel blooming in winter

Even though there aren’t very many, winter blooming shrubs are often the most amazing.

They are unique in that they bloom when all the other plants are at rest.

Also, these shrubs are appealing, beckon to the eyes and give a touch of color that makes one feel gay and happy in your garden.

Blooming in winter isn’t their only advantage

  • These shrubs also take it on them to support the local ecosystem when fauna and flora are rather sleepy…
  • Plants that put on such remarkable dresses also do it to attract insects and birds that are part of the species reproductive cycle thanks to pollination.
  • Flowering in the season when there are much less other flowers around is a great way to catch attention, and winter flowering species usually boast the highest fertility rates!

The most beautiful winter flowering shrubs

Mimosa tree is one of the most famous due to its magnificent gold yellow garb, but sadly it can’t grow everywhere. It needs relatively mild climate to be able to bloom in January or February.

Mahonia produces bright yellow berries, witch-hazel flowers with such beauty, and wintersweet, all offer shades of yellow to brighten up your yard.

Maule’s quince will win you over for a terrace or balcony, since it is perfectly suited to growing in pots. Hedges are also perfect for this shrub.

Tree germander, which blooms at the end of winter and deep into spring, calls softly to the onlooker with its cool blue flowers. It gives a delicate touch to your shrub beds or your terrace.

For a little more original surprises in your garden, go ahead and choose the silk tassel bush which bears unique long white flowers that are remarkable.

Finally, Persian ironwood is more a tree than a shrub. The green color of its leaves are one of a kind and the color changes with the seasons. It blooms from January to March and is much loved by our feathered friends.

Here are a few pictures…

MimosaMimosa winter blooming tree Mahonia
Mahonia winter blooming shrub
Tree germander
Witch hazel winter blooming
Persian ironwood
Persian ironwood winter flowers
Shrub willow
Shrub willow blooming winter
Winter Camellia
Camellia winter blooming shrub
Maule’s quince
Winter blooming maule's quince

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Image credits (edits Gaspard Lorthiois):
CC BY 2.0: Sound_Gene
CC BY-SA 2.0: Andreas Rockstein, Steve Law
Pixabay: Cornelia Gerhardt, Hans Braxmeier, HeVoLi, Franco Marra, Salvatore Lanza, Annette Meyer