Spring blooming shrubs

arbuste qui fleurit au printemps

Wonderful at the beginning of spring, these shrubs are among the first to celebrate spring in our gardens, balconies and terraces with their beautiful flowers.

They are often major players in our mixed hedges and shrub beds but are also planted, for the most part, as standalones, in pots and garden boxes.

Just click on each picture to read all the growing tips for each shrub that blooms in spring.

Spring blooming shrubs

Viburnumbudding viburnumHebehebe
Lemon bottlebrushBottle Brush FlowersCestrumcestrumCrinodendroncrinodendron
Flowering plumflowering-plum-prunus-triloba
Lagerstroemia: Crepe myrtlesCrepe-myrtlesMetrosideros Carmineus: Ferris wheelmetrosideros
GorseGorseSpotted laurelspotted-laurelKerriaKerria
Mexican OrangeMexican-orangeDatura, Brugmansiadatura

Dwarf hibiscusanisodonteaFrench broomyellow broom on blue skyItalian BuckthornRhamnus-alaternus
Fire thorn, pyracanthafire-thornSkimmiaskimiaAmelanchieramelanchier
PhillyreaPhyllariaAlmond treeAlmond-treeBerberisBerberis

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