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Setting up a hedge, flowered, mixed or evergreen?

Types of hedge, flower mixed, evergreen

Hedges often mark property lines and are usually the first project for the garden.

But setting a hedge up means choosing the type of shrub: flowered, mixed or evergreen.

There are many options and not all shrubs are suited to growing in a hedge.

Flowered? Evergreen? Deciduous? The right hedge for youSingle-variety hedges tend to disappear nowadays. These rows of shrubs end up looking like monotonous sad green walls and going for mixed, evergreen or flowered hedges is a great enhancement.

  • This is our list of our favorite types of hedge. For each type, you’ll find a list of matching shrub species, too.

Flower hedge: blooms all year round

Flower hedgeWithout doubt, this is the type of hedge that will offer you the highest aesthetic satisfaction: it is beautiful!

Having flowers all year round also has the added advantage of attracting a good number of birds and insects that help protect your garden from diseases.

Not all flower shrubs are evergreen, but this slight disadvantage is quickly forgotten once blooms decorate the garden come spring, with mellow fragrances galore!

Evergreen hedge: it keeps its leaves all winter

Evergreen hedgeEvergreen hedges have many positive qualities, but first among them is the fact of cutting out prying eyes all year round.

As for care and maintenance, simple trimming is enough. For those who like clean gardens and who consider that raking leaves is an unbearable chore, these are perfect: no leaves to clear!

This hedge can even become very beautiful if the shrubs are carefully chosen – avoid restricting yourself to only one species, since mono-cultures are quite boring… and when they get sick, everything dies!

A natural mixed hedge, the perfect compromise?

Mixed hedge in a mountain villageA mixed hedge is a great compromise with advantages of both flowered hedges and evergreen hedges.

Positioning shrubs along two rows allows for hiding away from neighbors or a busy street while offering a wide range of flowering, deciduous or evergreen shrubs.

A mixed hedge protects nature most, since every shrub is usually resistant to one or the other disease. This hedge also tops other hedges in supporting the garden ecosystem.

Did you know hedges protect Mother Nature?

Natural hedgeDid you know that a hedge does much more than just protect us from neighbors, wind and noise?

If you increase the diversity of species used in a hedge, you will reduce the risk of seeing diseases and pests spreading across your garden.

As you can see, hedges play a major part in setting up a positive ecosystem in your garden.

Feel free to associate as many varieties and species as you wish, nature will enjoy it all the more!

Images: dreamstime: Natalia Pavlova; Pixabay: Frank Schweitzer, Jozsef Farago, Mabel Amber, Andrzej Siwiec, Thomas Wolter
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