Bromelia, a plant with a bang!

With its amazing colorful bloom girdled with a crown of deep green leaves, Bromelia does every thing it can to catch your eye. This exotic beauty comes in many shapes and varieties, and is often the most original indoor plant of our homes.

Which vegetables to grow in winter?

There are several different vegetables that are hardy enough to the cold that you can still make the vegetable patch an enchanting place to be. Zoom in on kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, winter lettuce…
Winter vegetables

Broadfork, a toothy soil turner that harms neither bug… nor back!

A standout tool in permaculture, the broadfork is an eco-friendly tool, also known as a grelinette, bio-fork, aerator fork, or aerator. It allows for deep soil loosening without disrupting soil balance… and without straining your back! This tool, equipped with two handles and 3 to 9 tines, was invented in 1963 by Mr. Grelin, a […]
Broadfork, grelinette

Hyssop, a flowery plant that does lots for health

With hint of agastache in its appearance, hyssop is a garden favorite thanks to its fragrant blue flower panicles. And there’s much more! The benefits of this medicinal plant helps treat a number of ENT disorders, digestive problems, and anxiety.

Garden shredder buying guide: zero-bias guidelines

Shredding plant waste is possible THE ultimate way to compress all that volume. Way less endless trips to the dump! You might even cut that back to zero – chipped waste proves quite handy in the garden, whether fresh or composted! Here are our non-biased tips on choosing the right garden shredder.
Choosing the right garden shredder

Oenothera, a beautiful, simple evening primrose

Oenothera, or evening primrose, is a beautiful wild-looking flower. Key Oenothera facts Name: Oenothera Common: evening primrose Family: Onagraceae Type: flower, perennial Height: ½ foot to 3 feet 3 inches (15 cm to 1 m) depending on species Exposure: sunny Soil: light, well-drained  –  Blooming: June to September → Note: not related to common primrose, […]
Evening primrose

Trees with gold yellow leaves, bring the sun to the garden!

Fall is the season of nature’s grand finale, an explosion of color before a well-deserved rest. Like a show of fireworks, a culmination of powerful fiery bursts of color bursts forth from trees left and right in the scenery and in the garden. Gold in particular flashes and shines in all its rich tan-to-orange leaves, […]
Yellow-leaved trees

Mini-greenhouses & tunnels, extend the growing season!

Sheltered from unpredictable weather and snugly warm, greenhouse veggies can truly reach peak growth. Big greenhouses can’t fit in smaller gardens, so we’ll also look at easier, smaller greenhouse options to set up.
Greenhouse vegetables
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