Tomato is certainly the very first plant every aspiring gardener starts growing. The joy in biting your own tomatoes is simply magical!

Honey Moon tomato, round and firm, and tasty, too!

The Honey Moon tomato is a hybrid that resists mildew. Perfect for beginners! Key Honey Moon tomato facts: Name – Solanum lycopersicum Common name: Honey Moon tomato Family – Solenaceae Type – fruit vegetable
Three honey moon tomato

Tomato, a fruit or a veggie? The final answer.

Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable? It’s a question many keep asking. Some call it a vegetable because we often pair it with salt, in main courses or sides during meals. Others, with quite a haughty attitude, quip back that it’s most assuredly a fruit!
Tomato is a fruit that many think is a vegetable

Tree tomato, how to plant and care for Tomato Tree

The tree tomato (or tomato tree) is much larger than the normal tomato plant. Key tomato tree facts Name: Solanum betacea (old: Cyphomandra b.) Family: Solanaceae (nightshade) Type: fruit tree Height: 3 to 13 feet (1-4 m) (in the wild) Exposure: full sun or well-lit when indoors Soil: light, rich –  Hardiness: 28°F (-2°C)  –  […]
Tree tomato

Tomato growing Smart Tip Tutorial – a 2-minute video guide

A few minutes is all you need to learn how to grow ripe, tasty, amazing tomatoes. Beautiful tomato fruits will come easy after watching this tutorial showing the season, sowing, watering, staking, pinching to spur fruit-bearing and diseases and harvest. Read more ►

Enjoying tomatoes in the garden

Biting into the juicy fragrant flesh of a home-grown tomato is within reach if you have a little space in your vegetable patch.
easy enjoyable tomato varieties

Tomato suckers: remove or keep? [Battle begins]

Gardeners face each other off with pitchforks when it comes to this question… It’s a topic that’s almost as controversial as that other big tomato question: is a fruit or a vegetable? Discover both options regarding sucker removal here, the pros of each and our tips to make the choice that’s right for you.
Tomato suckers, keep or remove them

Tomato care – watering, fertilizing, companions, pruning…

Truth be said, tomato plants reign as kings in every vegetable patch, be it in the ground or on a balcony or terrace. Never does one get bored with that tasty, juicy flesh. Notwithstanding this aura, sometimes they play hard-to-get and at times even require full-time care.
Tomato care

Cuor di bue, the original beefsteak tomato

The Cuor di Bue tomato is an heirloom tomato variety that grows true to seed every year. Cuor di Bue tomato key facts: Species: Solanum lycopersicum Commonly: Beefsteak, Cuor di Bue Family: Solanaceae (nightshade) Type: fruit vegetable
Cuor di bue tomato, here a small one

Growing tomato in pots

Really fired-up to grow tomatoes, but you’ve only got a tiny balcony or terrace and think it’s impossible? Think again!
Tomato growing and ripening in a pot

Tomatoes without diseases

Tomatoes are often infected with fungal diseases (related to mushrooms). A typical gardener’s first reaction is to blast the whole plant with chemicals.
Tomato plant with no disease

Seedless tomato varieties to grow in the vegetable patch

The small pits inside a tomato are the plant’s seeds. When you slice a fruit in half, the center of it is full of juice and small seeds. It’s possible to collect them, press out the juice, dry them, and sow them again in the following year. Did you know there were a few tomato […]
Seedless tomato variety

Pruning tomato plants, let those shears run loose!

Should you prune your tomato plants? Experts admit that both “Yes” and “No” work very well, so take your pick! Discover the advantages of each method, and learn to easily prune and shape your tomato plant.
Tips and tricks to get the pruning of your tomato plants right
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